65Fen Music Series


Time: Monday Nights, 9:00-11:00pm. Doors open for all shows at 8:30pm, and there is a $10 suggested donation

Location: 65 Fenimore Street, Brooklyn (Prospect Lefferts), NY

Curators: Patrick Breiner, Anais Maviel, Jake Henry, Adam Hopkins, Caroline Davis, Jean Rohe

Backline: Full drum set (no cymbals)


April 24 2017 (curated by Jean Rohe)

9:00pm: Anna Roberts-Gavalt Solo (voice/guitar/banjo)

10:00pm: Bev Grant (voice/guitar)

May 1 2017 (curated by Adam Hopkins)

9:00pm: Mears / Tolimieri Duo
-Jason Mears (reeds)
-Quentin Tolimieri (keyboard)

10:00pm: Roberts / Hoffman / Hopkins Duo
-Hank Roberts (cello)
-Christopher Hoffman (cello)
-Adam Hopkins (bass)

May 8 2017 (curated by Caroline Davis)

9:00pm: Maria Neckam (voice)

10:00pm: Loosh
-Lucia Stavros (harp/vocals)

May 15 2017 (curated by Jake Henry)

***PLEASE NOTE: this will be our last show at 65 Fenimore Street, and we will be on hiatus for the summer. Returning in the Fall in a new location.

9:00pm: Elgar
-Florian Stoffner (guitar)
-Hans Koch (baritone saxophone)
-Lionel Freidl (drums)
-Leila Bordreuil (guest, cello)

10:00pm: Henry / Ali Duo
-Jake Henry (trumpet)
-Sean Ali (bass)


March 6 2017 (curated by Anais Maviel):

9:00pm: ASM Drinks Alone

-Patrick Castillo – Through the Panic for solo cello performed by Mihai Marica
-Ty Citerman – Voices, Noise for solo guitar performed by Ty Citerman
-Andrea La Rose – hitchin’ for solo flute performed by Domenica Fossati
-Pat Muchmore – Fr.2i∈ℂ⊂⋯.a–i for solo cello performed by Pat Muchmore
-Charles Waters – Boswijck Matrix for solo flute performed by Domenica Fossati

10:00pm: Sophie Leetmaa – solo harp & effects

March 13 2017 (guest curated by Kate Gentile)

9:00pm: Greg Chudzik Solo (bass)

10:00pm: Smiley / Leetmaa / Podgurski
-Andrew Smiley – guitar
-Sophie Leetmaa – harp
-Nick Podgurski – drums

March 20 2017 (curated by Jean Rohe)

9:00pm: Burnham / Sternberg
-Charlie Burnham – violin
-Joanna Sternberg – bass

10:00pm: Julie Patinella – voice, guitar

March 27 2017 (curated by Caroline Davis)

9:00pm: Ammann / Warren / Garabedian
-Sebastien Ammann – keyboard
-Kenny Warren – trumpet
-Noah Garabedian – bass

10:00pm: Bielenberg / Rourk / Kurtz
-Jesse Bielenberg – bass
-Aaron Rourk – saxophone
-Alex Kurtz – guitar

February 6 2017 (curated by Patrick Breiner):

9:00pm: Musicianer
-Josh Sinton (saxophone, compositions)
-Jason Ajemian (bass)
-Chad Taylor (drums)

10:00pm: Koenig (Austria)
-Lukas Koenig (drums)

February 13 2017 (curated by Caroline Davis)

9:00pm: The New Eulipians
-E Penniman James (words)
-Lisanne Tremblay (violin)
-James McQuade (bass)
-Eric Reeves (drums)

10:00pm: The Good Owls
-Rebecca Leckie (vocals, guitar)
-Jake Leckie (bass)
-Russell Kranes (keyboard)
-Elena Bonomo (drums)

February 20 2017 (curated by Patrick Breiner)

9:00pm: Jamie Branch

10:00pm: Greene/Christianson
-Will Greene (guitar)
-Zoe Christianson (saxophone)

February 27 2017 (curated by Jake Henry)

9:00pm: Sam Sowyrda Solo

10:00pm: Fashionable Pop Music
-Devin Gray (drums)
-Ryan Ferrerira (guitar)
-Jonathan Goldberger (guitar)
-Chris Tordini (bass)

May 2, 2016
9:00pm: Bass of the Baritone
-Josh Sinton (baritone saxophone)
-Shayna Dulberger (bass)

10:00pm: W-2
-Sam Weinberg (saxophone)
-Chris Welcome (guitar)

May 9, 2016
9:00pm: Hasumi/Neufeld/Krakowski
-Rema Hasumi (voice)
-Todd Neufeld (guitar)
-Sergio Krakowski (pandeiro)

10:00pm: Mendoza/Pavone
-Ava Mendoza (guitar)
-Jessica Pavone (viola)

May 16, 2016
9:00pm: Moffett/Nazary Duo
-Joe Moffett (trumpet)
-Jason Nazary (drums)

10:00pm: Reckless Marcher
-Dustin Carlson (guitar)
-Danny Gouker (trumpet)
-Max Goldman (drums)

May 23, 2016
9:00pm: Silva/Speed/Black
-Susan Santos Silva (trumpet)
-Pascal Niggenkemper (bass)
-Carlo Costa (drums)

10:00pm: Zetterberg/Kretzmer/Drury
-Torbjorn Zetterberg (bass)
-Yoni Kretzmer (tenor saxophone)
-Andrew Drury (drums)

May 30, 2016
9:00pm: Peter Hess Quartet
-Peter Hess (reeds)
-Brian Drye (trombone)
-Adam Hopkins (bass)
-Tomas Fujiwara (drums)

10:00pm: Jeremy Viner Trio
-Jeremy Viner (reeds)
-Travis Reuter (guitar)
-Danny Sher (drums)

June 6, 2016

9:00pm: Kate Mohanty Solo
-Kate Mohanty (saxophones)

10:00pm: Yes Deer
-Signe Dahlgreen (saxophone
-Karl Bjora (guitar)
-Anders Vestergaard (drums)

Jun 13, 2016

9:00pm: Bishop/Sinton
-Jeb Bishop (trombone)
-Josh Sinton (reeds)

9:30pm: CROOKS
-Jaime Branch (trumpet
-John Welsh (guitar)
-Brandon Lopez (bass)
-Sam Ospovat (drums)

10:00pm: Hero of Warchester
-Anna Webber (reeds)
-Nathaniel Morgan (reeds)
-Liz Kozack (keyboard)

June 20, 2016

9:00pm: Galaganov/Nagano/St. Louis/Morton
-Leonid Galaganov (drums)
-Sana Nagano (violin)
-Lester St. Louis (cello)
-Jordan Morton (double bass)

10:00pm: POLYVERSE
-Jen Baker (trombone)
-Ingrid Laubrock (soprano saxophone)
-Stephanie Griffin (viola)

June 27, 2016

9:00pm: Jake Henry Solo
-Jake Henry (trumpet)

9:30pm: Aryeh Kobrinsky Solo
-Aryeh Kobrinsky (bass)

10:00pm: Ton Trio
-Aram Shelton (saxophone)
-Kurt Kotheimer (bass)
-Sam Ospovat (drums)

July 4, 2016: NO SHOW for the Holiday

July 11, 2016:

9:00pm: Anthony Pirog (DC) Solo Guitar

10:00pm: Christopher Hoffman Trio
-Christopher Hoffman (cello)
-Adam Hopkins (bass)
-Craig Weinrib (drums)

July 18, 2016:

9:00pm: Anthony Orji Quartet
-Anthony Orgi (alto saxophone/bass clarinet)
-Andrew Renfroe (guitar)
-Jimmy MacBride (drums)

10:00pm: Sana Nagano Quartet
-Sana Nagano (violin)
-Keisuke Matsuno (guitar)
-Dan Stein (bass)
-Will Mason (drums)

July 25, 2016:

9:00pm: The Ghost
-Michael Foster (saxophone)
-Henry Fraser (bass)
-Connor Baker (drums)

10:00pm: Luke Stewart (DC) Solo Bass

July 31,  2016:

9:00pm: TBA

10:00pm: TBA

Website: 65fenmusicseries.tumblr.com
FB: facebook.com/65fenmusicseries

August 1, 2016:

9:00pm ‘Spirit Said Yes’
YATTA – digipoetry + electrovox

9:30pm Proyecto IMUDA
-Pablo Diaz – drums
-Paula Shocron – movement

10:15pm Anaïs Maviel & Larkin Grimm : Experimental song-writting pre-tour show
-Larkin Grimm – vox, el guitar, harp
-Anaïs Maviel – vox, surdo, n’goni, keyboard

August 8, 2016:

9:00pm: Courtesy Sniper
-Jake Henry, Jaimie Branch – trumpet
-Brandon Lopez – bass
-Jason Nazary – drums

10:00pm: Colin Fisher Trio (TO)

-Colin Fisher – saxophone
-Brandon Lopez – bass
-Kid Millions – drums

August 15, 2016:

9:00pm: Levin/Maneri/Malaby
-Daniel Levin – cello
-Mat Maneri – viola
-Tony Malaby – saxophones

10:00pm: Fleisenberg/Chen/Nørstebø
-Flandrew Fleisenberg – percussion (Philly)
-Audrey Chen – voice (Berlin/Baltimore)
-Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø – Trombone (Norway)

August 22, 2016:

9:00pm: Breiner/Smith/Ellman
-Patrick Breiner – saxophone and clarinet
-Ches Smith – percussion
-Liberty Ellman – guitar

10:00pm: Lesbros/Laubrock
-Emilie Lesbros – voice etc
-Ingrid Laubrock – saxophones

August 29, 2016:

9:00pm: Music for Four Alto Saxophones:
-Caroline Davis (alto saxophone)
-Charlotte Greve (alto saxophone)
-Curtis Macdonald (alto saxophone)
-Caleb Curtis (alto saxophone)

10:00pm: Proxy
-Jon Crompton (alto saxophone)
-James Wengrow (guitar)
-Mike Alfieri (drums)

September 5, 2016:

9:00pm: Jacob Wick (solo trumpet, Mexico City)

9:30pm: FENG (voice/dj/performance, China)

10:00pm: Black Leather Papi Party
-Michael Foster (saxophones/objects)
-Sean Ali (bass/objects)
-David Grollman (snare drum, balloon)

Seven Weeks of Guest Curators at 65Fen Music Series:

September 12, 2016: Guest Curated by Aaron Quinn

9:00pm: Ben Cohen/Aaron Quinn
-Ben Cohen (saxophone)
-Aaron Quinn (guitar

10:00pm: Neufeld/Mintz
-Todd Neufeld (guitar)
-Billy Mintz (drums)

September 19, 2016: Guest Curator Muyassar Kurdi

9:00pm: Muyassar Kurdi/Nicholas Joznick
-Muassar Kurdi (voice)
-Nicholas Joznick (cello)

10:00pm: Arrington de Dionyso Solo (voice, bass clarinet, Indonesian Flute, Bramiophone)

September 26, 2016: Guest Curated by Kid Millions

9:00pm: Booker Stardrum Solo (drums)

10:00pm: Smith/Bernstein/Wooley
-Wayne Smith Jr. (drums)
-Sarah Bernstein (violin)
-Nate Wooley (trumpet)

October 3, 2016: Guest Curated by Lathan Hardy

9:00pm music start time to include:

Douglas Bradford (guitar)
Lathan Hardy (saxophone)
John Murchison (flute, bass)
VJ Fuzzy Bastard

Special guest appearance by Natal.

October 10, 2016: Guest Curated by Shayna Dulberger

9:00pm: Kammerman/Arno Duo
-Richard Kammerman
-Gill Arno

10:00pm: Branch/Dulberger Duo
-Jame Branch (trumpet)
-Shayna Dulberger (bass)

October 17, 2016: Guest Curated by Caroline Davis

9:00pm: Caroline Davis/Matt Mitchell Duo
-Caroline Davis (saxophone)
-Matt Mitchell (keyboards

10:00pm: Keisuke Matsuno Trio
-Keisuke Matsuno (guitar)
-Justin Carroll (keyboards)
-Nathan Ellman-Bell (drums)

October 24, 2016: Guest Curated by Thomas Helton (TX)

9:00pm: Helton/Smith Duo
-Thomas Helton (bass)
-Damon Smith (bass)

10:00pm: Helton/Branch/Evans
-Thomas Helton (bass)
-Jamie Branch (trumpet)
-Michael Evans (drums)

October 31, 2016: NO SHOW–Happy Halloween!

November 7, 2016:
9:00pm: Asher/Shragge Duo
-Eli Asher (trumpet)
-Aaron Shragge (trumpet)

10:00pm: Henry/Gray Duo
-Jake Henry (trumpet)
-Devin Gray (drums)

November 14, 2016:
9:00pm: Maviel/Galaganov
-Anais Maviel (vocals, n’goni)
-Leonid Galaganov (shakuhachi)

10:00pm: Mehdi Darvishi Solo
-Mehdi Darvishi (Iranian percussion)

November 21, 2016:
9:00pm: Myk Freedman Solo
-Myk Freedman (lap steel)

10:00pm: Bearing Straight
-Elijah Shiffer (alto saxophone, clarinet)
-Patrick McGee (soprano saxophone)
-Nick Dunston (bass)
-Mark Ballyk (drums)

November 28, 2016:
9:00pm: Carlstedt/Sinton/Filiano
-Jeremy Carlstedt (drums)
-Ken Filiano (bass)
-Josh Sinton (low reeds)

10:00pm: Laubrock/Smith/Walter
-Ingrid Laubrock (reeds)
-Damon Smith (bass)
-Weasel Walter (drums)

December 5, 2016:

65Fen Two-Year Anniversary Party! Featuring all of our curators plus a lot of guests.

December 12, 2016:

9:00pm: Sanchez/Noriega/Yang
-Marta Sanchez (keyboard)
-Oscar Noriega (reeds)
-Jeong Lim Yang (bass)

10:00pm: The Breathers
-Ben Shapiro (guitar/vocals)
-Ben Hoffman (keyboards/drums)
-Kelsey van Ert (vocals)

December 19, 2016:

9:00pm: Nitzan Mager (reading)

9:30pm: Mazz Swift Solo (violin/voice/electronics)

10:15pm: Onnesha Roychoudhuri (reading)

December 26, 2016: NO SHOW–see you in 2017!

January 2: NO SHOW!

January 9 2016 (curated by Jean Rohe):

9:00pm: James Shipp (vibraphone) + guests

10:00pm: Bob Lanzetti (guitar) + guests

January 16 2016 (curated by Jake Henry):

9:00pm: Yeonathan Shachar (guitar) + TBA

10:00: Morris/Dicker Duo
-Angela Morris (saxophone)
-Erica Dicker (violin)

January 23 2016 (curated by Anais Maviel):

9:00pm: Sana Nagano Trio
-Sana Nagano (violin, pedals)
-Yuma Uesaka (saxophone)
-Kevin Shea (drums)

10:00pm: Isis Paolo Giraldo (keyboard/vocals)

January 30 2016 (curated by Adam Hopkins):

9:00pm: Henkel/Morgan/Welcome/Dulberger
-Brad Henkel (trumpet)
-Nathaniel Morgan (saxophone)
-Chris Welcome (guitar)
-Shayna Dulberger (bass)

10:00pm: Nicola Hein (GER)
-Nicola Hein (guitar)
-Sam Weinberg (saxophone)
-Devin Gray (drums)