New Revolution Arts Series

In this age of American cultural stagnation and imitation, we need bold, innovative, fearless young artists to forge a new era of music and art. With this as our mission, New Revolution Arts features daring, cutting edge, new and revolutionary music, poetry, and visual art. This series focuses on the emerging generation of artists doing new improvisational, avant-garde, and experimental art forms in Brooklyn.

Time: 1st or 2nd Saturday of the month

Location: 7 Stanhope Street, Brooklyn (Bushwick)

Curator: Cisco Bradley

upcoming concerts

November 3

  • 8 pm–Cataclysmic Commentary: Eli Wallace, Ben Cohen, Dave Miller
  • 8:45 pm–Jamara Wakefield (poetry)
  • 9 pm–Pyeng Threadgill
  • 10 pm–Joanna Mattrey presents paintings
  • 10:15 pm–Carlo Costa & John McCowen



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