Stumpfest (2010)



Patrick Breiner as Vartan Mamigonian

Sulde (CD)

Recorded by Luke Polipnick in Patrick’s bathroom in Madison, WI, July 5, 2010; originally released as a fundraiser for Stumpfest 2010, an acoustic improvised music festival presented by Surrounded By Reality on September 17, 2010


Track List:

  1. Dance Music (for Tony Malaby)
  2. Slow Burn (for the Kuhn family)
  3. Circus Music (for Joe McPhee)
  4. Cars and Freedom (for Will McEvoy)
  5. Spirit Banner (for Jack Weatherford)
  6. Phoebe Was a Harpsichord (for Nathaniel Hawthorne)
  7. Pickle Fist (for Cody Brown)
  8. Crane (for Bridget Breiner)

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