Trio Caveat

Leader: collaborative

Years Active: 2004-present



Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Feb 8[1] Barbes  
Jul 21[2] Brooklyn Conservatory of Music  
May 15[3] Downtown Music Gallery  
Oct 13 Roulette  
Sep 7 Issue Project Room  
Jun 9[4] Douglass Street Music Collective  
Apr 10 Le Grand Dakar  
Aug 7 Bowery Poetry Club  
May 26 Elixir  
Apr 7 Elixir  
Mar 24 Elixir  
Feb 17 Elixir  
Dec 16 Elixir  


[1] “Trio Caveat +1” with special guest Mat Maneri.

[2] Missing Chris Welcome; with the additions of John McLellan and Mat Maneri.

[3] Ilgenfritz with Steve Swell and Jay Rosen.

[4] On this date and prior, John McLellan played with the band instead of Chris Welcome.

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