Other Stories (2005)


Taylor Ho Bynum & Spidermonkey Strings – 482 Music (CD)

Recorded Apr 6, 2003 at St. John’s Place and Feb 13 & 20, 2005 at St. John’s Place & the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, Brooklyn, NY, both by John Gurrin


  • Taylor Ho Bynum: cornet, compositions
  • Jason Kao Hwang: violin
  • Jessica Pavone: violin, viola
  • Stephanie Griffin: viola
  • Tomas Ulrich: cello
  • Pete Fitzpatrick: guitar
  • Joseph Daley: tuba
  • Luther Gray: drums
  • Jay Hoggard: vibraphone

Track List:

  1. Part One, 6:48
  2. Part Two, 4:42
  3. Part Three, 11:46
  4. Part Four, 2:51
  5. Stuart’s Theme, 1:19
  6. Small Mistakes, 1:29
  7. Together, 3:02
  8. Dakinis’ Dance, 6:59
  9. Chuck, 10:57
  10. Meditation, 6:23


Though this is not Bynum’s debut as a leader, it was his first album directly engaged with the New York scene. He displays his virtuosic ability on cornet and his stunning ability to push the limits of all of the musicians he has assembled. The album also illustrates an amazing emotional range of expression: searching and driving, quiet and contemplative, mournful and sorrowful. The record is split into three suites: “Super Eno”, tracks 1-4, “The First Three Lives of Stuart Hornsley”, tracks 5-7, and “SpiderMonkey Stories”, tracks 8-10. This is a monumental achievement for such a young artist and, in many ways, just a taste of his diverse talents that he has gone on to display in his recordings and performances since release of Other Stories.

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