Asphalt Flowers Forking Paths (2008)

asphalt flowers

Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet

Hat Hut (CD)

Released 2008; recorded by Nick Lloyd at Firehouse 12, New Haven, CT, Feb 6, 2008; mixed & mastered by Peter Pfister; produced by Taylor Ho Bynum; cover photography by Luca Buti; liner notes by Michael Rosenstein; executive production by Werner X. Uehlinger


Track List:

  1. Open (2:45)
  2. Look Below (4:31)
  3. WhYeXpliCitieS (Part I) (11:14)
  4. WhYeXpliCitieS (Part II) (7:09)
  5. WhYeXpliCitieS (Part III) (13:14)
  6. Goffstown (3:31)
  7. Close (1:46)

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