The Nows (2012)


Paul Lytton-Nate Wooley Duo

Clean Feed (2 CDs)

Released 2011; disc one recorded by Shane Browne live at The Stone, New York, March 2, 2011; disc two recorded by Dave Zuchowski live at The Hideout, Chicago, March 16, 2011; mixed by Bojan Vuletic at Ignoring Gravity Studio; produced by Paul Lytton and Nate Wooley; executive production by Trem Azul; design and artwork by Travassos


  • Paul Lytton (percussion)
  • Nate Wooley (trumpet and amplifier)
  • Ikue Mori (computer, disc one)
  • Ken Vandermark (bass clarinet, clarinet, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, disc two)

Track List:

Disc One

  1. Free Will, Free Won’t (35:35)
  2. Abstractions and Replications (15:10)
  3. Berlyne’s Law (10:42)

Disc Two

  1. Men Caught Staring (18:23)
  2. The Information Bomb (4:12)
  3. Automatic (16:31)
  4. Destructive to Our Proper Business (5:49)
  5. The Ripple Effect (4:34)

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