Suspicious Activity (2012)

suspicious activity


Creative Sources (CD)

Released 2012; recorded Feb 15 & 28, 2012 by Tom Tedesco at Tedesco Studios; mixed by Nathaniel Morgan, New York; mastered by Jeff Kaiser; cover photo by Rijard Daniel Bergeron; graphic design by Carlos Santos; produced by Ernesto Rodrigues


  • Pascal Niggenkemper (bass)
  • Sean Ali (bass)

Track List:

  1. Endpin Battle
  2. Chinese Mask
  3. Britpop
  4. Chicken Talk
  5. How Long Does It Take Styrofoam to Become Earth Again?
  6. Buzzing Bees
  7. Dog Bite
  8. Perpetua
  9. Pavarotties
  10. Sawing Logs
  11. Wind
  12. Machines
  13. Highway to Hell
  14. Kissing f-holes
  15. Mechanics at the Balloon Party
  16. Serene Moment
  17. Bonanza’s Nuts
  18. Witch Tricks
  19. Mating Whales
  20. Industrial Romance
  21. Japanese Garden
  22. The Mouth

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