Overseas (2003)


Eivind Opsvik’s Overseas – Fresh Sound New Talent (CD)

Recorded: Mar 11, 2002 at Charlestown Road Studios, Hampton, NJ; and Jun 19, 2002 at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY; Released Jan 2003


  • Eivind Opsvik: bass, compositions
  • Tony Malaby: tenor sax
  • Loren Stillman: alto sax
  • Jason Rigby: soprano sax, bass clarinet
  • Jacob Sacks: piano
  • Craig Taborn: Hammond C3 organ
  • Wells Hanley: fender Rhodes, piano
  • Gerald Cleaver: drums
  • Jeff Davis: drums
  • Dan Weiss: tablas, kanjira, framedrum

Track List:

  1. Foxtrot, 5:09
  2. Redford, 5:03
  3. Punchball, 10:15
  4. Ivandovich, 3:41
  5. Italian Movie Theme, 8:28
  6. Twelve Days, 1:42
  7. Quickstep, 5:20
  8. Earthly, 6:35
  9. Hertzian Waves, 2:42
  10. Indian Summer, 2:34
  11. Prelude, 6:02
  12. Overseas, 6:19

This is an interesting album displaying the immense talents of bassist and composer Eivind Opsvik. Having first come to New York City from his native Norway in 1998, this is his debut as a leader. Each track features different versions of the band, ranging from a septet on “Redford”, “Punchball”, and “Hertzian Waves”, to a solo performance on “Twelve Days.” The songs draw upon myriad forms of emotional expression–the tempered, laid-back mood of the fender Rhodes of Wells Hanley to the searing sax lines of Tony Malaby. Quite different in overall tone than his later work, this is a fascinating window into the earliest compositions of Opsvik.

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