Outside Sources (2003)

michaelbates-outside sources

Michael Bates’ Outside Sources – Pommerac (CD)

Recorded: Nov 7-8, 2002 at Quest Studio, Toronto, Canada, by Paul LaChapelle; Released: 2003


  • Michael Bates: bass, compositions
  • Quinsin Nachoff: tenor sax, clarinet
  • Mark Timmermans: drums, percussion

Track List:

  1. Tunisian, 6:46
  2. FREELY, 3:47
  3. simmering, 4:05
  4. tradewinds, 9:18
  5. intervention/and then there was Luz, 10:07
  6. potassium, 10:18
  7. tamarind, 8:41
  8. Dmitri, 5:07
  9. DERAILING, 5:40

As Bates’ debut recording as a leader, this album has a unique sound and proffers an original voice and sound synthesis: a remarkable achievement. Composed and recorded while Bates was moving back and forth between Toronto and New York City to study with Mark Helias, it conveys surprising confidence from the young artist. The influence of classical music is evident and the penultimate track, titled “Dmitri” is a reference to Shostakovich, a figure that looms large among Bates’ formative influences. Fellow Canadians, Quinsin Nachoff on tenor sax and clarinet, and Mark Timmermans on drums and percussion, also take risks throughout the recording that are remarkably successful.

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