A Fine Balance (2006)

fine balance

Michael Bates’ Outside Sources

Between the Lines (CD)

Released 2006; recorded by Paul Lachapelle at Quest Studio, Dec 20, 2004; mixed by Katherine Miller at Annandale Studio, New Jersey; mastered by Brian Heller at Luscar Studio, Banff, AB; photography by Bryan Murray; artwork by Jutta Obenhuber


  • Michael Bates (bass, compositions)
  • Quinsin Nachoff (saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet)
  • Kevin Turcotte (trumpet)
  • Mark Timmermans (drums)

Track List:

  1. Small Obstacles (0:52)
  2. On Equilibrium (7:38)
  3. Entrance (6:01)
  4. Charcoal (3:03)
  5. Prodigal (5:36)
  6. Prokofiev (7:15)
  7. Partly Innocent (2:23)
  8. St. Helen (6:28)
  9. Coppertone (8:52)
  10. Simple Interlude (3:28)

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