Natura Morta

Leader: collaborative

Years Active: 2011-present



Live Performances (complete):

Date Venue Media
Dec 8 Delroy’s (65fen series)  
Nov 1 Brooklyn house concert  
Oct 22 Panoply Performance Laboratory  
Oct 12 ABC No-Rio  
Oct 7 JACK  
Sep 20 Spectrum  
Sep 19 I-Beam  
Jun 27 Sycamore  
Jun 24[1] Ze Couch Series  
Jun 23[2] Gallery 128  
Jun 22 Midwood Music  
Jun 18 All Go Signs (Cleveland, OH)  
Jun 17 Hungry Brain (Chicago)  
Jun 16 What You Will Festival (Sunbury, OH)  
Apr 6 Gallery One Twenty Eight  
Apr 5[3] Vaudeville Park  
Mar 28 The Grotto  
Mar 24 Robinwood Concert House (Toledo, OH)  
Mar 23 Bela Dubby (Lakewood, OH)  
Mar 22 Wild Goose Creative (Columbus, OH)  
Mar 21 The Bridge (Charlottesville, VA)  
Mar 20 Dynasty (Washington, DC)  
Mar 19 Red Room (Baltimore)  
Mar 18 High Wire Gallery (Philadelphia, PA)  
Mar 17 119 Gallery (Lowell, MA)  
Mar 16 Lilypad (Cambridge, MA)  
Mar 4 Downtown Music Gallery  
Feb 10 Douglass Street Music Collective  
Feb 4 Douglass Street Music Collective  
Jan 14 Launchpad  
Jan 28 Prospect Series  
Jul 27 Sycamore  
Jul 22[4] Douglass Street Music Collective  
Jul 17 ABC No Rio  
Jun 16 Café Orwell  

[1] Frog Lasso replaced Frantz Loriot on both performances June 22 & 24, 2012.

[2] With special guest Steve Swell.

[3] With special guest Laurie Amat.

[4] Booked as “New Trio.”

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