Matt Pavolka Horns Band

Leader: Matt Pavolka

Years Active: 2011-present



Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Nov 22 Cornelia Street Café  
Oct 4 I-Beam  
Oct 3 I-Beam  
Oct 2 I-Beam  
Aug 31 Barbes  
Jun 28 Cornelia Street Café  
Mar 4 Barbes  
Nov 12 Korzo  
Oct 26 Seeds (Matt Pavolka residency)  
Oct 25 Seeds (Matt Pavolka residency)  
Oct 24 Seeds (Matt Pavolka residency)  
Oct 23 Seeds (Matt Pavolka residency)  
Sep 24[1] Barbes  
Jul 9 Korzo  
Apr 10[2] Barbes  
Feb 17[3] Barbes  
Sep 30 Barbes  
Jun 5 Seeds  
May 9 Shapeshifter Lab  
Apr 10 Shapeshifter Lab  
Mar 22[4] Barbes  
Dec 13 Korzo  
Oct 15[5] Douglass Street Music Collective  
Aug 31[6] Seeds  

[1] Tomas Fujiwara replaced Mark Ferber on drums.

[2] Ben Perowsky replaced Mark Ferber on drums.

[3] A different lineup: Kirk Knuffke (cornet), John O’Gallagher (alto saxophone), Curtis Hasselbring (trombone), Jochen Rueckert (drums).

[4] Shane Endsley replaced Kirk Knuffke on cornet.

[5] Billed as the “Matt Pavolka Quintet.”

[6] Mark Ferber replaced Ben Perowsky on drums.

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