Laila and Smitty

Leader: Kenny Warren

Years Active: 2011-present


  • Kenny Warren: trumpet, voice
  • Jeremiah Lockwood: dobro
  • Myk Freedman: lap steel
  • Adam Hopkins: bass
  • Carlo Costa: drums


  • self-titled (Pretty Polymorphous, 2014)

Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Nov 22 Littlefield  
Jul 25 Barbes  
Jul 18 Turnip and Beet Rooftop Concert Series  
Jun 22 Manhattan Inn  
May 25 Rockwood Music Hall  
May 9 Littlefield (self-titled album release)  
Mar 18 Mr. Rogers  
Nov 15 Launchpad  
Oct 20 Rockwood Music Hall  
Aug 11 Rockwood Music Hall  
Apr 19 Launchpad  
Mar 23 Spike Hill  
Oct 18 LARK  
Jul 30 Sycamore  
May 9 Zirzamin  
Apr 2 Bar 4  
Mar 2 Pete’s Candy Store  
Feb 13 Sycamore  
Dec 5 Way Station  


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