Aeriol Piano (2011)

aeriol piano

Kris Davis Solo

Clean Feed (CD)

Released Sep 19, 2011; recorded by Joaquim Monte at Namouche Studios, Lisbon, Portugal, August 10, 2009; mixed & mastered by Katherine Miller; produced by Kris Davis; executive production by Trem Azul; photography by Peter Gannushkin; design & artwork by Travassos

Track List:

  1. All the Things You Are (5:41)
  2. Saturn Return (10:11)
  3. A Different Kind of Sleep (8:25)
  4. Good Citizen (4:53)
  5. Beam the Eyes (3:35)
  6. Stone (2:01)
  7. The Last Time (3:35)
  8. Work for Water (2:26)

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