Lifespan (2004)


Kris Davis Group – Fresh Sound New Talent (CD)

Released 2004; Recorded Jun 9-10, 2003 by Joe Marciano at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY


Track List:

  1. Jo-ann, 9:16
  2. Argyha, 7:57
  3. Travel Far, 11:00
  4. Lifespan, 4:29
  5. Even Eivind, 10:32
  6. Nein, 1:55
  7. Endless, 8:15
  8. The Epic, 12:18

Kris Davis’ debut recording as a leader, this album is still her mellowest and most melodic to date.  Even this early in her career, she exhibits great talent in composition and moves over the piano with considerable skill, ranging from direct attacks to light strokes. The Canadian-born pianist had already settled into her Brooklyn environs and linked up with many of the premier players of the time. Saxophonist Malaby adds fire to an otherwise cool lineup; trumpeter Johnson oscillates between cool licks and occasional bursts of energy; Rigby adds texture. Within all of this, the rhythm section grows to fill the relatively open space provided by the front line. Historically, this album also represents an early meeting between the leader, Rigby, Opsvik, Jeff Davis, and Johnson, all of whom have played important roles within their generation in the development of the scene in the years since.

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