Jesse Stacken-Kirk Knuffke Duo

Leader: collaborative

Years Active: 2007-present



  • Like a Tree (Steeplechase Records, 2012)
  • Orange Was the Color (Steeplechase Records, 2011)
  • Mockingbird (Steeplechase Records, 2009)

Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Sep 25 Greenwich House Music School  
Sep 6 I-Beam  
Aug 7[1] Korzo  
May 18 Bloomingdale School of Music  
May 12 I-Beam  
Aug 3 NYU Summer Jazz Festival  
May 8 Cornelia Street Café (Orange Was the Color album release concert)  
Feb 18 Brooklyn Conservatory  
Aug 12 Artists Quarter (St. Paul, MN) video
Jan 17 Cornelia Street Café  
Nov 8 Cornelia Street Café (Mockingbird album release concert)  
Oct 23 Bloomingdale School of Music  
Sep 11 I-Beam  
Aug 9 Cornelia Street Café  
May 10 Saint Peter’s  
Apr 17 I-Beam  
Feb 12 Douglass Street Music Collective (Piano +1)  
Sep 26 Bloomingdale School of Music (live recording for Mockingbird)  
Jun 21 Douglass Street Music Collective  
Mar 22 5C Café  
Oct 26 5C Café  
May 18 5C Café  
Apr 26 Biscuit BBQ  
Jul 18 Neighborhood Church of Manhattan  


[1] Jesse Stacken-Kirk Knuffke Duo +1 with Kenny Wollesen.

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