Guewel (2008)


Harris Eisenstadt’s Guewel

Clean Feed (CD)

Released 2008; recorded by Reuben Radding at Magma Studios, Brooklyn, April 6, 2008; mixed by Reuben Radding at Studio STATS, Brooklyn, April 14, 2008; mastered by Luis Delgado; produced by Harris Eisenstadt; executive production by Trem Azul; design by Travassos; photography by Scott Friedlander


Track List:

  1. N’daga/Coonu Aduna (9:37)
  2. Kaolak/N’Wolof (11:47)
  3. Dayourabine/Thiolena (8:56)
  4. Barambiye/Djarama (9:20)
  5. Rice and Fish/Liiti Liiti (6:30)

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