Leader: Carl Maguire

Years Active: 2005-present


  • Carl Maguire: piano, rhodes, compositions
  • Oscar Noriega: clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone (replaced Chris Mannigan, Sep 2007)
  • Stephanie Griffin: viola (joined Oct 2006)
  • John Hebert: bass (replaced Aryeh Korbinsky, Sep 2007, who replaced Trevor Dunn, Sep 2006)
  • Dan Weiss: drums


  • Far from almost always (2012)
  • Sided Silver Solid (Firehouse 12 Records, 2009)
  • self-titled (Subsoil Records, 2005)

Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Sep 17[1] Cornelia Street Café  
Jun 23 Monkeytown  
Jun 1 Douglass Street Music Collective  
Jan 31 Brecht Forum  
May 12[2] Roulette  
Sep 21 Center for Improvised Music  
Apr 10[3] Tonic  
Oct 10[4] Tonic  
Sep 12 55 Bar  
Jun 21[5] Barbes  
May 15 55 Bar  
Feb 22 Tonic  
Nov 1 55 Bar  


[1] Record release: Far from almost always

[2] An alternative line-up that included Chris Mannigan, Trevor Dunn, and Dan Weiss.

[3] On this date and previously, the band included Chris Mannigan on reeds and Aryeh Kobrinsky on bass.

[4] Stephanie Griffin’s first gig with the band.

[5] On this date and prior, Trevor Dunn played bass for the band.

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