Evil Eye

Leader: Mike Pride, Jonathan Moritz

Years Active: 2007-2010


  • Mike Pride: drums, compositions
  • Jonathan Moritz: tenor saxophone, compositions
  • Ben Gerstein: trombone (joined November 2009)
  • Ken Filiano: bass


  • Doin’ It All for My Baby (KMB Jazz, 2007)
  • self-titled (Funhole Records, 2007)

Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Dec 13 University of the Streets  
Jul 14 LIC Bar  
Nov 19 Bushwick Music Studios  
Nov 2 Local 269  
Jun 21[1] CoCo 66  
Feb 15 CoCo 66  
Nov 23[2] The Stone  
Aug 19[3] Bar 4  
Jul 26[4] Tea Lounge  


[1] On this date and prior, the band was a trio, without Ben Gerstein.

[2] With Taylor Ho Bynum on cornet.

[3] Jason Ajemian replaced Ken Filiano on bass; Shane Endsley on trumpet.

[4] With Nate Wooley on trumpet.

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