Canada Day III (2012)

Harris Eisenstadt’s Canada Day

Songlines (CD)

Released: June 16, 2012; Recorded by Sean Kelly at Water Music, Hoboken, NJ, Mar 7, 2012; Mixed by John Raham at Afterlife, in Vancouver, Canada; Mastered by Graemme Brown at Zen Mastering; Produced by Harris Eisenstadt; Executive Producer: Tony Reif; Design by Jordan Bent; Cover photo: “Spared” by Eric Deis.


Track Listing:

  1. Slow and Steady (3:45)
  2. Settled (8:19)
  3. A Whole New Amount of Interactivity (8:21)
  4. The Magician of Lublin (8:21)
  5. Song for Sara (for Sara Schoenbeck) (6:33)
  6. Nosey Parker (6:54)
  7. Shuttle Off this Mortal Coil (7:30)
  8. King of the Kutiriba (for Mamady Danfa) (4:46)

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