Canada Day II (2011)

Harris Eisenstadt’s Canada Day

Songlines (CD)

Released: 2011; Recorded by Marc Urselli at East Side Sound, New York, NY, Dec 4, 2010; Mixed by John Raham at Ogre Studios, Vancouver, Canada; Mastered by Graemme Brown at Zen Mastering; Produced by Harris Eisenstadt; Executive Producer: Tony Reif; Design by Jon Setzen.


Track Listing:

  • Cobble Hook (4:39)
  • To Seventeen (5:08)
  • Song for Owen (for Owen Eisenstadt) (4:53)
  • Now Longer (8:11)
  • To Eh (5:34)
  • To Be (6:42)
  • To See/Tootie (8:25)
  • Judo with Tokyo Joe (for John Zorn) (4:32)

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