Blarvuster (2008)

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Matthew Welch’s Blarvuster

Tzadik (CD)

Released 2008; recorded 2003-2006; tracks 1-6 recorded by Jamie Saft; edited by Jeremiah Cymerman and Joel Hamburger; tracks 7-10 recorded by Clay W. Holley; edited by Clay W. Holley and Joel Hamburger; additional recording by Joel Hamburger; mixed by Joel Hamburger at Godelstring; mastered by Scott Hull; photography by David Welch; design by Heung-Heung Chin


Sextet (tracks 1-6):

  • Matthew Welch (bagpipes, voice, soprano saxophone)
  • Leah Paul (piccolo, flute, alto flute)
  • Karen Waltuch (viola)
  • Mary Halvorson (electric guitar)
  • Ian Riggs (bass guitar)
  • Tim Dahl (electric guitar)
  • Ches Smith (drums, glockenspiel)

Septet (tracks 7-10):

  • Matthew Welch (voice)
  • Leah Paul (flute, piccolo)
  • Karen Waltuch (viola)
  • Emily Manzo (piano)
  • Matthew Hough (electric guitar)
  • Ian Riggs (bass guitar)
  • Mike Pride (drums, vibraphone)

Track List:

  1. High Street (4:39)
  2. Bottoms Up (3:21)
  3. Song 2 (3:19)
  4. Gorgamor the Giant Gecko (3:28)
  5. Song 1 (6:15)
  6. Pak Gusti Aji (5:57)
  7. Canntaireachd Masolah I (6:23)
  8. Canntaireachd Masolah II (8:01)
  9. Canntaireachd Masolah III (11:36)
  10. Canntaireachd Masolah IV (4:52)

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