Angelica Sanchez Quintet

Leader: Angelica Sanchez

Years Active: 2007-2012


  • Angelica Sanchez: piano, compositions
  • Tony Malaby: tenor & soprano saxophones
  • Marc Ducret: guitar
  • Drew Gress: bass
  • Tom Rainey: drums


Live Performances:

Date Venue Media
Jul 6 North Sea Jazz Festival (Rotterdam, Netherlands)  
Sep 18 Transparent Productions, Bohemian Caverns  
Sep 17 Center for the Arts, Towson University  
Sep 14 Ars Nova Workshop (Philadelphia)  
Sep 13 Lewett Auditorium, University of Maine-Augusta  
Sep 12 Studzinski Recital Hall, Kanbar Auditorium, Bowdoin College (Brunswick, ME)  
Sep 11 Portland Conservatory of Music at Woodford’s Church (Dimensions in Jazz, Portland, ME)  
Sep 10 Jazz Gallery  
Jun 11 Jazz Gallery  
Dec 19 The Stone  
Dec 16 Cornelia Street Café  
Dec 13 Center for Improvised Music  
Dec 12 Barbes  


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