Anagram Ensemble (2003)


Anagram Ensemble – Earthones (CD)

Released: 2003; Recorded: Feb 13, 2002 & Feb 5, 2003


  • James Ilgenfritz: bass, compositions
  • Isaac Schankler: accordion
  • Jason Stein: bass clarinet
  • Dan Bennett: baritone saxophone

Track Listing:

  1. Rag, 6:50
  2. From the Secret Files of Max Cannon, 7:30
  3. Laura Palmer’s Theme, 6:27
  4. Stooges Wax Museum, 7:19
  5. The Classic Maneuver, 3:53
  6. Are You Content …?, 12:32
  7. Still Light at Six, 7:07

This is the only recording ever released by Anagram Ensemble. In the live setting, this band included a variety of people–it essentially functioned as James Ilgenfritz’ forum for compositions, arrangements, and new developments.

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