Moritz, Jonathan – Projects

Bio / Press / Discography / Projects


Secret Tempo


A.C. Unit

The E.R.A.

Evil Eye

Trio Caveat

The UP


Chris Welcome Quartet

Doomsayer: Michael Formanek (double bass), Ben Gerstein (trombone), Jonathan Moritz (soprano & soprano sax), Frantz Loriot (viola), Jonathan Goldberger (guitar), Tim Kuhl (drums)

Mike Noordzy Quintet: Mike Noordzy (contra alto clarinet), Jonathan Moritz (tenor sax), Chris Welcome (guitar), Shayna Dulberger (bass), Jon Francis (guitarviol)

Sam Mickens Ecstatic Showband & Review: Sam Mickens (voice, guitar, compositions), Mike Pride (drums), Alexis Marcelo (piano), Jesse Krakow (electric bass), Matt Bauder (alto sax), Jonathan Moritz (tenor sax), Josh Sinton (bari sax), J. J. Kirkpatrick (trumpet), Ben Gerstein (trombone)

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