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Bonnie Kane-Chris Welcome Duo: Bonnie Kane (saxophone, flute, electronics) Chris Welcome (electric guitar)

Bonnie Kane-Ricardo Lagomasino Duo: Ricardo Lagomasino (drums), Bonnie Kane (tenor saxophone, flute)

Bonnie Kane-Kevin Shea Duo: Kevin Shea (drums), Bonnie Kane (saxophone, flute, electronics)

Bonnie Kane-Federico Ughi Duo: Bonnie Kane (saxophone, flute, electronics), Federico Ughi (drums, flute)

Bonnie Kane-Ernesto Diaz-Infante

Bonnie Kane-Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut Duo: Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut (electric guitar), Bonnie Kane (saxophone)

Big Plastic Finger: Bonnie Kane (saxophone, flute, electronics), Scott Prato (electric guitar), Vinnie Paternostro (bass, electronics), Mark McClemens (drums)

Fire Maidens From Outer Space:  Bonnie Kane (saxophone, flute, electronics), Dave Miller (drums), Reuben Radding (electric bass)

I’m With Joo Won

The Brian Wilson Shock Treatment

Owl Sounds Exploding Galaxy: Adam Kriney, Gene Janas, Bonnie Kane

D.-I.S.K.: Bonnie Kane, Ray Sage, Ernesto Diaz-Infante

World Of Tomorrow: Bonnie Kane, Scott Prato, Cliff Ferdon, Chris Morrow, and others

The W.O.O. (W.hole O.ther O.rbit) Project


The Brian Wilson Shock Treatment

John Spencer Blues Explosion

Casey Scott’s Creep City

Friends Of Mescalito

Scott Prato & The Thundering Lizards

The Billy Syndrome

Mashinenraum: Bill Davenport, Tommy Bland, Bonnie Kane