Wooley, Nate – Discography

Bio / Press / Discography / Projects

Leader and co-Leader


  • Teun Verbruggen, Jozef Dumoulin, Nate Wooley, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – KaPSalon ‎(Rat Records)


  • Ivo Perelman, Nate Wooley, Brandon Lopez, Gerald Cleaver – Octagon ‎(Leo Records)
  • Ken Vandermark, Nate Wooley, Jasper Stadhouders, Steve Heather – Shelter ‎(Audiographic Records)
  • Nate Wooley – Battle Pieces 2 ‎(Relative Pitch Records)
  • Ivo Perelman, Matthew Shipp, Nate Wooley – Philosopher’s Stone ‎(Leo Records)
  • Nate Wooley – Knknighgh (Minimal Poetry For Aram Saroyan) ‎(Clean Feed)


  • Nate Wooley – Polychoral ‎(MNÓAD MNÓAD)
  • Nate Wooley – Argonautica ‎(Firehouse 12 Records)
  • Nate Wooley – Seven Storey Mountain V ‎(Pleasure Of The Text Records)
  • Nate Wooley – Corsano, Courvoisier, Wooley – Salt Task ‎(Relative Pitch Records)
  • Nate Wooley, Daniele Martini, João Lobo – Legacy Of Ashes ‎(Creative Sources)
  • Nate Wooley, Hugo Antunes, Jorge Queijo, Mário Costa, Chris Corsano – Purple Patio ‎(NoBusiness Records)


  • Wooley, Rempis, Niggenkemper, Corsano – From Wolves To Whales ‎(Aerophonic Records)
  • Josh Sinton, Dominic Lash, Ingrid Laubrock, Nate Wooley, Kyoto Kitamura, Alex Ward – Signal Gain ‎(OutNow Recordings)
  • Nate Wooley, Ken Vandermark – All Directions Home ‎(Audiographic Records)
  • Nate Wooley – (Dance To) The Early Music ‎(Clean Feed)
  • Evan Parker, Joe Morris, Nate Wooley – Ninth Square ‎(Clean Feed)
  • Nate Wooley – Battle Pieces ‎(Relative Pitch Records)


  • The Gate Featuring Tim Dahl And Nate Wooley – Stench ‎(Smeraldina-Rima, Heat Retention Records)
  • Cymerman, Parker, Wooley – World Of Objects ‎(5049 Records)
  • Nate Wooley, Ken Vandermark – East By Northwest ‎(Audiographic Records, Pleasure Of The Text Records)
  • Nate Wooley, Hugo Antunes, Chris Corsano – Malus ‎(NoBusiness Records)
  • Ken Vandermark Duos, Agustí Fernandez, Christof Kurzmann, Joe McPhee, Joe Morris Trios, Paul Lytton, Nate Wooley, Eddie Prévost, John Tilbury – Nine Ways To Read A Bridge ‎(Not Two Records)


  • Nate Wooley, Hugo Antunes, Giovanni Di Domenico, Daniele Martini, Chris Corsano – Posh Scorch ‎(Orre)
  • Nate Wooley – Seven Storey Mountain III And IV ‎(Pleasure Of The Text Records)
  • Nate Wooley – (9) Syllables ‎(MNÓAD)
  • Nate Wooley, Seymour Wright – About Trumpet And Saxophone ‎(Fataka)


  • Paul Lytton-Nate Wooley Duo – The Nows (Clean Feed)
  • Peter Evans, Nate Wooley – Instrumentals Vol. 1 ‎(Dead CEO)
  • Nate Wooley, Christian Weber, Paul Lytton – Six Feet Under ‎(NoBusiness Records) 
  • RED Trio and Nate Wooley – Stem ‎(Clean Feed)
  • Joe Morris, Agustí Fernández, Nate Wooley – From The Discrete To The Particular ‎(Relative Pitch Records)
  • Bruno Duplant, Julien Héraud, Nate Wooley – Movement And Immobility ‎(Peira)
  • Nate Wooley, MIVOS Quartet, Bojan Vuletić – Atemwende – Recomposing Art ‎(Ignoring Gravity Music)


  • C. Spencer Yeh, Chris Corsano, Nate Wooley – The Seven Storey Mountain (Important Records)
  • Nate Wooley – The Almond (Pogus/Pogus Productions)
  • Nate Wooley, Scott R. Looney, Damon Smith, Weasel Walter – Scowl (ugExplode)
  • Nate Wooley Quintet – (Put Your) Hands Together (Clean Feed)
  • Nate Wooley-Taylor Ho Bynum Quartet – The Throes (CIMP)
  • Peter Evans-Nate Wooley Duo – (self-titled) (Carrier Records)


  • Joe Morris-Nate Wooley Duo – Tooth and Nail (Clean Feed)
  • Paul Lytton-Nate Wooley Duo – Creak above 33 (PSI)


  • Mary Halvorson, Reuben Radding, Nate Wooley – Crackleknob (Hat Hut Records)
  • Nate Wooley, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Jason Roebke – Throw Down Your Hammer and Sing (Porter Records)


  • Blue Collar – Lovely Hazel (Public Eyesore)
  • Nate Wooley – Wrong Shape to Be a Story Teller (Creative Sources)

Unknown Dates

  • Nate Wooley – Sangha Trio (Slipperyslope)
  • Peter Evans-Nate Wooley Duo – High Society (CD Baby)



  • Harris Eisenstadt – Canada Day III (Songlines)
  • Harris Eisenstadt – Canada Day Octet (482 Music)


  • Daniel Levin Quartet – Organic Modernism (Clean Feed)
  • Harris Eisenstadt – Canada Day II (Songlines)
  • Red Trio + Nate Wooley – Stem (Clean Feed)


  • Daniel Levin Quartet – Bacalhau (Clean Feed)


  • Daniel Levin Quartet – Live at Roulette (Clean Feed)
  • Harris Eisenstadt – Canada Day (Clean Feed)


  • Daniel Levin Quartet – Blurry (Hat Hut Records)


  • Daniel Levin Quartet – Some Trees (Hat Hut Records)


  • Daniel Levin Quartet – Don’t Go It Alone (Riti Records)

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