Shea, Kevin – Projects

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Leader / Co-Leader

Kevin Shea solo

Kevin Shea / Alfred Vogel Duo: Kevin Shea (drums, percussion), Alfred Vogel (drums, percussion)

Mick Barr / Kevin Shea / Tim Dahl Trio: Mick Barr (guitar), Tim Dahl (bass), Kevin Shea (drums)

Dan Warburton / Adam Sonderberg / Kevin Shea Trio

Kevin Shea’s Lonely Goldmine of Symbolic Subterfuge: Sam Kulik (trombone, effects), Tim Dahl (synth), Ron Stabinsky (piano), Tom Blancarte (bass), Kevin Shea (drums, voice)

Great Lakes: Ben Crum (voice, guitars), Kevin Shea (drums)

Talibam!: Matt Mottel (voice, keys), Kevin Shea (voice, drums)

Mostly Other People Do The Killing: Peter Evans (trumpet), Jon Irabagon (saxophone), Moppa Elliott (upright bass, compositions), Kevin Shea (drums)

Nebadon: Dominika Michalowska (voice, percussion, synthesizer), Kevin Shea (percussion), David Buddin (composition, filters, modulation)

Tripping Landlocked Infidels: Kevin Shea / Fritz Welch (drums, electronics)

Colonic Youth: James Ilgenfritz (doublebass), Philip White (electronics), Dan Blake (saxophone), Kevin Shea (drums)

Form and Mess: Nick Millevoi (guitar), Kevin Shea (drums)

Haitian Rail: Ed Ricart (bass), Nick Millevoi (guitar), Dan Blacksberg (trombone), Kevin Shea (drums)

People: Mary Halvorson (guitar, voice, composition), Kyle Forester (bass, voice, harmonies), Kevin Shea (drums, voice, lyrics)

Sweet Banditry: Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen (saxophone, flute, vocals, electronics), Brandon Seabrook (guitar), Tom Blancarte (upright bass), Kevin Shea (drums)


American Liberty League: David Earl Buddin (piano, vocals), Tim Dahl (synth), Kevin Shea (snare drum)

The Spinning Wheel Drives Band: Tim Dahl (bass), Kevin Shea (drums)

COMBINEHARVESTER: Marlon McNeill (guitar, voice, composition), Kevin Shea (drums)

HEY!TONAL: Mitch Cheney (guitar), Dave Davison (guitar), Alan Mills (instruments), Theo Katsounis (bass), Kevin Shea (drums)

I was A King: Frode Strømstad (guitar, voice, songs), Anne Lise Frøkedal, Daniel Smith, John Ringhofer, Emil Nikolaisen, Joshua Stamper, Kevin Shea (drums).

Puttin’ On The Ritz: BJ Rubin (voice), Kevin Shea (drums)

The Right Moves: Ninni Morgia (guitar), Stuart Popejoy (bass), Kevin Shea (drums)

Get The People:  Ben Simon (guitar, voice, songs), Kyle Forester (bass), Kevin Shea (drums)

Coptic Light: Jon Fine (guitar), Jeff Winterberg (bass), Kevin Shea (drums)


STORM&STRESS: Ian T. Williams (guitar, voice), M. Eric Topolsky (bass), Kevin Shea (drums)

7 Goats: Scott Prairie (bass, voice), Mark Tierney (guitar, voice), Kevin Shea (drums, voice)


Peter Evans Quartet: Peter Evans (trumpet, compositions), Ricardo Gallo (piano), Tom Blancarte (upright bass), Kevin Shea (drums)

Angelo Branford Quartet: Angelo Branford (guitar, compositions), J.D. Parran (woodwinds), Todd Nicholson (bass), Kevin Shea (drums)

UNTT 350: Francesco Calandrino (tapes, manipulations),  Kevin Shea (drums, piano)

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