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William Parker Solo

William Parker’s Piano Trio w/ Eri Yamamoto & Michael Thompson: William Parker (bass), Eri Yamamoto (piano), Michael Thompson (drums)

William Parker’s Violin Trio w/ Billy Bang & Hamid Drake: William Parker (bass), Billy Bang (violin), Hamid Drake (drums)

William Parker Trio w/ Daniel Carter & Hamid Drake: William Parker (bass), Daniel Carter (saxophone, flute, clarinet), Hamid Drake (drums)

William Parker Clarinet Trio w/ Perry Robinson & Walter Perkins: William Parker (bass, reeds, bells, voice), Perry Robinson (clarinet, ocarina), Walter Perkins (drums, voice)

William Parker Quartet: William Parker (composer, double bass), Rob Brown (alto saxophone), Hamid Drake (drums), Lewis Barnes (trumpet)

William Parker Organ Quartet: William Parker (bass), Darryl Foster (tenor saxophone), Cooper-Moore (organ), Gerald Cleaver (drums)

William Parker Double Quartet: William Parker (bass), Rob Brown (alto saxophone), Julia Kent/Shiau-Shu Yu (cello), Hamid Drake (drums), Lewis Barnes (trumpet), Jessica Pavone (viola), Mass Swift (violin), Leen Conquest (voice)

William Parker Bass Quartet + Charles Gayle: William Parker/Alan Silva/Henry Grimes/Sirone (bass), Charles Gayle (alto saxophone)

William Parker’s Quartet + Leena Conquest: William Parker (bass), Hamid Drake(drums), Rob Brown (alto saxophone), Lewis Barnes (trumpet), Leena Conquest (voice)

William Parker featuring Lisa Sokolov and Cooper-Moore: William Parker (composer), Lisa Sokolov (voice), Cooper-Moore (piano)

William Parker w/ Ellen Christi, Lisa Sokolov, & Yuko Fujiyama: William Parker (bass), Ellen Christi (voice), Lisa Sokolov (voice), Yuko Fujiyama (piano)

Raining On The Moon Sextet: William Parker (bass), Hamid Drake (drums), Rob Brown (alto saxophone), Lewis Barnes (trumpet ), Eri Yamamoto (piano), Leena Conquest (voice)

William Parker Orchestra: William Parker (bass), Hamid Drake,(drums), Dave Burrell (piano ), Kidd Jordan (tenor saxophone), Dave Sewelson (baritone saxophone), Sabir Mateen (clarinet, tenor saxophone), Rob Brown (alto saxophone), Darius Jones (alto saxophone), Ras Moshe (soprano, tenor saxophone), Steve Swell (trombone), Willie Applewhite (trombone), Roy Campbell (trumpet, flugelhorn), Matt Lavelle (trumpet), Ernie Odoom (voice)

William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra

In Order To Survive

The Olmec Group + solo works


Oliver Lake / William Parker Duo: William Parker (bass), Oliver Lake (saxophone)

Ninni Morgia / William Parker Duo: Ninni Morgia (guitar), William Parker (double bass, whistle)

William Parker / Giorgio Dini Duo: William Parker / Giorgio Dini (double bass)

Joelle Leandre / William Parker Duo: Joelle Leandre / William Parker (double bass)

William Parker / Hamid Drake Duo: William Parker (percussion, Shakuhachi, goblet drum , talking drum, bass), Hamid Drake (tabla, percussion, gong, drums)

Jemeel Moondoc / William Parker Duo: Jemeel Moondoc (alto & soprano saxophone), William Parker (bass, bombarde, reeds)

David Budbill / William Parker Duo: David Budbill (whistle, bells, gong, voice), William Parker (contrabass, trumpet, shakuhachi, valve trombone, reeds, slit drum, percussion)

Alan Silva / William Parker Duo: Alan Silva (piano, synthesizer), William Parker (bass)

Joe Morris / William Parker Duo: Joe Morris (guitar), William Parker (bass)

Joe Morris, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver Trio: Joe Morris (guitar), William Parker (double bass), Gerald Cleaver (drums)

David S. Ware / William Parker /  Warren Smith Trio: Davis S. Ware (saxello, saxophone), William Parker (double bass), Warren Smith (drums, percussion, timpani)

Anthony Braxton / Milford Graves / William Parker Trio: Anthony Braxton (saxophone), Milford Graves (percussion), William Parker (bass)

Charles Gayle / William Parker / Rashied Ali Trio: Charles Gayle (tenor saxophone), William Parker (bass), Rashied Ali (drums)

Kidd Jordan / Hamid Drake / William Parker Trio: Kidd Jordan (tenor saxophone), Hamid Drake (drums, tabla, percussion, voice), William Parker (bass, Guimbri, gong, singing bowls, talking drum)

Fred Anderson / William Parker / Hamid Drake Trio: Fred Anderson (), William Parker (bass), Hamid Drake (drumstenor saxophone)

David Budbill / William Parker / Hamid Drake Trio: David Budbill (shakuhachi, voice), William Parker (balafon, acoustic bass, cornet (pocket), dilruba, Glockenspiel, gong, shakuhachi, trumpet (pocket), voice), Hamid Drake (drum)

William Parker / Joe Morris / Hamid Drake Trio: William Parker (sintir), Joe Morris (banjo), Hamid Drake (drum)

Derek Bailey / John Zorn / William Parker Trio: Derek Bailey (guitar), John Zorn (saxophone), William Parker (bass)

David S. Ware / William Parker / Cooper-Moore / Muhammad Ali Quartet: David S. Ware (tenor saxophone), William Parker (bass), Cooper-Moore (piano), Muhammad Ali (drums)

William Parker / Roy Campbell / Daniel Carter / Alan Silva Quartet: William Parker (double bass), Roy Campbell (trumpet, flugelhorn), Daniel Carter (alto saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, flute), Alan Silva (synthesizer, piano)

Farmers By Nature: Gerald Cleaver (drums), William Parker (bass), Craig Taborn (piano)

Konstrukt & William Parker: Özün Usta (double bass, percussion), William Parker (double bass, reeds), Korhan Argüden (drums), Umut Çağlar (electric guitar, synthesizer, flutes, reeds, percussion), Korhan Futacı (saxophone, flute)

Other Dimensions in Music: William Parker (acoustic bass, musette,), Daniel Carter (alto saxophone, flute, trumpet, voice), Hamid Drake (drums), Roy Campbell (trumpet, flugelhorn, flute, recorder, pipe)

The Music Ensemble: William Parker (bass), Roger Baird (drums, percussion, tabla, flute), Daniel Carter (alto & tenor saxophone, flute, drums, percussion), Malik Barak (trumpet), Billy Bang, (violin)

The Element Choir & William Parker

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