Mitchell, Nicole – Projects

Bio / Press / Discography / Projects

Leader / Co-Leader

Third Coast Ensemble – Rob Mazurek, Christophe Rocher, Steve Berry, Christofer Bjurström, Frédéric Briet, Philippe Champion, Lou Mallozzi, Nicole Mitchell, Jeff Parker, Irvin Pierce, Nicolas Pointard, Nicolas Peoc’h, Avreeayl Ra, Vincent Raude, Tomeka Reid, Mazz Swift

Nicole Mitchell – Anthony Davis Duo: Nicole Mitchelle (flute), Anthony Davis (piano)

Indigo Trio: Harrison Bankhead (bass), Nicole Mitchell (flutes), Hamid Drake (drums)

Ice Crystal: Nicole Mitchell (flute), Jason Adasiewicz (vibes), Joshua Abrams (bass), Frank Rosaly (drums)

Sonic Projections: David Boykin (tenor saxophone), Chad Taylor (drumset), Craig Taborn (piano), Nicole Mitchell (flutes, composition)

Black Earth Strings: Nicole Mitchell (flute), Renee Baker (violin/viola), Tomeka Reid (cello), Joshua Abrams (bass)

Frequency: Edward Wilkerson Jr. (reeds), Nicole Mitchell (flute), Harrison Bankhead (bass), Arveeayl Ra (percussion)

Black Earth Ensemble: personnel varies

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