Mendoza, Ava – Projects

Bio / Press / Discography / Projects


Unnatural Ways: Ava Mendoza (guitar), Dominique Leone (bass synthesizer, keyboards), Nick Tamburro (drums)


Bolivar Zoar: Ava Mendoza (guitar, voice), Maryclare Brzytwa (guitar, voice, flute), Theresa Wong (cello, guitar, voice)

Crude Forms: Ava Mendoza (guitar, electronics, voice), Liz Allbee (trumpet, electronics, voice)

Doublespeak: J.A. Deane (laptop, electronics), Ava Mendoza (guitar, electronics), Al Faaet (drums)

Mute Socialite: Ava Mendoza (guitar), Moe! Staiano (drums, percussive guitar), Alee Karim (bass), Shayna Dunkleman (drums), Liz Allbee (trumpet, keyboards, vox)

Pink Canoes: Aram Shelton (laptop, reeds), Noah Phillips (guitar, electronics), Zach Watkins (laptop, electronics), Ava Mendoza (guitar, electronics), Travis Johns (laptop, electronics, bass)

Quok: Ava Mendoza (guitar), Tim Dahl (bass), Weasel Walter (drums)


Aaron Novik’s Dante Counterstamp: Aaron Novik (clarinet), Michael Coleman (keyboards), Ava Mendoza (guitar), Jordan Glenn (vibraphone), Bill Wolter (bass), Sam Ospovat (drums)

Dominique Leone Band

Jacob Lindsay Quartet: Jacob Lindsay (clarinets), Ava Mendoza (guitar), Damon Smith (bass, laptop), Weasel Walter (drums)

Jon Raskin Quartet: Jon Raskin (saxophones), John Shiurba (guitar), Ava Mendoza (guitar), Gino Robair (drums, electronics)


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