Kretzmer, Yoni – Projects

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Albert Ayler Memorial Septet: Yoni Kretzmer (tenor sax), Albert Beger (tenor sax), Ido Bukelman (guitar), Yiftach Kadan (guitar), Gabriel Meyer (bass), Shai Ran (bass), Haim Peskoff (drums)

Far from Home: Yoni Kretzmer (tenor sax), Uzi Feinerman (guitar), Ido Bukelman (guitar), Guy Levy (bass), Yoav Zohar (drums)

New Dilemma: Yoni Kretzmer (tenor sax), Daniel Tanchelson (viola), Neta Cohen Shani (cello), Dan Winestein (cello), Ehud Ettun (bass), Eran Borowitz (bass), Daniel Feingold (drums)

Yoni Kretzmer Double Bass Quartet

Yoni Kretzmer Group: Yoni Kretzmer (tenor sax), Daniel Levin (cello), Eyal Maoz (guitar), Andrew Drury (drums)

Yoni Kretzmer Quartet: Yoni Kretzmer (tenor sax), Nitay Levy (bass clarinet), Shai Ran (bass), Haim Peskoff (drums), Udi Shlomo (drums)

Yoni Kretzmer Trio

Zork: Yoni Kretzmer (tenor sax), Shai Ran (bass), Yoav Zohar (drums)


Byph: Ben Syversen (trumpet), Yoni Kretzmer (tenor sax), Pascal Niggenkemper (bass), Haim Peskoff (drums)


Assif Tsahar’s Collective

Igu 4


Rats Quartet

Shayna Dulberger Quartet

Steve Peskoff’s Radical Shlomo

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