Edwards, Marc – Projects

Bio / Press / Discography / Projects


Slipstream Time Travel: Marc Edwards (drummer), Ernest Anderson III (electric guitar),  Gene Janas (electric guitar), Takuma Kanaiwa (electric guitar), Tor Snyder (electric guitar), Alex Lozupone (electric guitar combo: guitar/bass), Colin Sanderson (electric guitar), Lawry Zimrah, David Tamura

Marc Edwards Trio: Marc Edwards (drums), Sabir Mateen (saxophone), Hill Greene (bass)

Marc Edwards Quartet: Marc Edwards (drums), Rob Brown (saxophone), Fred Hopkins (bass), Matthew Shipp (piano)


Marc Edwards and Weasel Walter group

Paul Flaherty – Marc Edwards Duo: Paul Flaherty (alto & tenor saxophone), Marc Edwards (drums)


Cellular Chaos: Weasel Walter (guitar), Marc Edwards (drums),  Ceci Moss (bass), Admiral Grey (vocals)

David S. Ware and Apogee’s  Birth of a Being 

Prana-Bindu’s El Nihilo

Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut’s Bound & Gagged

Weasel Walter’s Firestorm

Charles Gayle’s More Live at the Knitting Factory

Avant Knitting Factory Tours 1993: various artists

David S. Ware’s Flight of i 

David S. Ware Quartet’s Great Bliss Vol. 1 & 2

David S. Ware Trio’s Passage To Music

David S. Ware’s Birth of A Being

Cecil Taylor’s Dark To Themselves

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