Bernstein, Sarah – Projects

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Exolinger, Solo

Sarah Bernstein Quartet: Sarah Bernstein (violin), Kris Davis (piano), Stuart Popejoy (electric bass), Ches Smith (drums)

Unearthish: Sarah Bernstein (violin), Satoshi Takeishi (percussion)

Frikativ Quartet: Sarah Bernstein (violin), Scott Tixier (violin), Mat Maneri (viola), Rubin Kodheli (cello)



Kid Millions / Sarah Bernstein Duo: Kid Millions (drums), Sarah Bernstein (violin)

Iron Dog: Sarah Bernstein (altered violin), Stuart Popejoy (electric bass, synthesizer), Andrew Drury (drums, mayhem)

Day So Far: Sarah Bernstein (violin, vox), Stuart Popejoy (keys)



Anthony Braxton TriCentric Orchestra

Adam Rudolph Go:Organic Orchestra

Hans Tammen Third Eye Orchestra, Iron Foundry

Dave Scott Band

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