Barker, Andrew – Projects

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Leader / Co-Leader

Acid Birds: Andrew Barker (drums, percussion), Charles Waters (clarinet, saxophone), Jaime Fennelly (harmonium, electronics)

Hallux: Jason LaFarge (bass), Hans Chew (drums), Andrew Barker (guitar), Jake Klotz (vocals)


Virginia Genta / Andrew Barker Duo: Virginia Genta (tenor saxophone), Andrew Barker (drums)

Rob Brown & Andrew Barker Duo: Rob Brown (saxophone, flute, shakuhachi), Andrew Barker (drums, percussion)

Andrew Barker / Charles Waters Duo: Andrew Barker (drums, percussion, fiddle [Indian Folk Fiddle], flute [wood flute], Charles Waters (alto saxophone, flute, bass clarinet, percussion)

Andrew Barker / Daniel Carter Duo: Andrew Barker (drums, balafon), Daniel Carter (saxophone, clarinet, flute)

Barker Trio: Andrew Barker (drums), James Ilgenfritz bass), Michael Foster (saxophone)

Gold Sparkle Trio/Band: Adam Roberts (double bass), Andrew Barker drums), Charles Waters (saxophone), Roger Ruzow (trumpet)

Andrew Barker / Paul Dunmall / Tim Dahl Trio: Andrew Barker (drums), Paul Dunmall (saxophone, clarinet), Tim Dahl (bass)

Sabir Mateen / Sirone / Andrew Barker Trio: Sabir Mateen (tenor saxophone), Sirone (bass), Andrew Barker (drums)

Sabir Mateen / Daniel Carter / Andrew Barker Trio: Sabir Mateen (clarinet, saxophone, voice), Daniel Carter (flute, trumpet, saxophone, voice), Andrew Barker (drums, Jew’s harp)

Andrew Barker / Matthew Shipp / Charles Waters Trio: Andrew Barker (drums), Matthew Shipp (piano), Charles Waters (clarinet, saxophone)



Assif Tsahar and The Zoanthropic Orchestra

Edward Ricart Quartet: Jason Ajemian (bass), Andrew Barker (drums), Edward Ricart (guitar), Herb Robertson (trumpet, little instruments)

New Atlantis Octet: Aaron Martin (alto saxophone), Vattel Cherry/Jason Ajemian (bass), Andrew Barker/Sam Lohman (drums), Edward Ricart (guitar), Steve Swell (trombone), Roy Campbell Jr. (trumpet)

William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra

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