Arnal, Jeff – Projects

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Leader / Co-Leader

Jeff Arnal / Ernesto Diaz-Infante Duo: Ernesto Diaz-Infante (guitar), Jeff Arnal (percussion)

Jeff Arnal / Aaron Dugan Duo: Jeff Arnal (percussion), Aaron Dugan (guitar)

Jeff Arnal / Dietrich Eichmann Duo: Dietrich Eichmann (piano), Jeff Arnal (percussion)

Jeff Arnal / Gordon Beeferman Duo: Jeff Arnal (percussion), Gordon Beeferman (piano)

Jeff Arnal / Michael Evans Duo: Jeff Arnal (percussion, Michael Evans (percussion)

Jeff Arnal / Ryan Smith Duo: Ryan Smith (computer), Jeff Arnal (amplified percussion)

Jeff Arnal / Seth Misterka / Chris Dahlgren Trio: Seth Misterka (alto saxophone), Chris Dahlgren (bass), Jeff Arnal (percussion)

Jeff Arnal / Blaise Siwula / Vattel Cherry Trio: Blaise Siwula (alto saxophone), Vattel Cherry (bass), Jeff Arnal (percussion)

Expositions of Freedom.. Now!: Blaise Siwula (saxophone), Vattel Cherry (bass), Jeff Arnal (drums)

Focus Quintet: Anita DeChellis (voice), Dan DeChellis (piano, keyboard), Ernesto Diaz-Infante (acoustic guitar), Chris Forsyth (electric guitar), Jeff Arnal (percussion)

Generations Duo: Philip Wofford (brass, reeds, violin) Jeff Arnal (percussion)

Mogami: Jeff Arnal (amplified percussion), Ryan Smith (computer)

Pail Bug: Dietrich Eichmann (piano), John Hughes (double bass), Astrid Weins (double bass), Jeff Arnal (percussion)

Rara Avis: Jeff Arnal (percussion), Gordon Beeferman (electric piano), Seth Misterka (saxophone)

Silver Ash: Jeff Arnal (percussion), Aaron Dugan(guitar), Casey Block (electronics)

Spy Satellite:  Jeff Arnal (percussion), John Dierker (reeds), Jonathan Vincent (piano), Hughes

Transit: Seth Misterka (alto saxophone), Nate Wooley (trumpet), Reuben Radding (bass), Jeff Arnal (percussion)

Tripwire: Lars Scherzberg (alto saxophone), John Hughes (bass), Jeff Arnal (percussion)

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