Momenta Art

72 Berry Street

“Founded in 1986 by a group of artists, Momenta Art is an artist-run 501C3 not-for-profit organization that provides an engaging forum for public dialog through critical art projects by emerging and underrepresented artists.  Through our programming, including exhibitions, public events, publications and educational series, we encourage the examination of urgent contemporary issues through aesthetically sophisticated forms.

2000.09.23 – Music: A Humansacrifice Presentation, 1 pm

            1 pm—Raymond “Earthpig” Douglas

            3 pm—Andrew Barker

            5 pm—Matthew Ostrowski

            7 pm—Daniel Carter, David McClelland, Fritz Welch

2000.09.24 – Music: A Humansacrifice Presentation, 1 pm

            1 pm—Camille Zamora

            2 pm—Willing

            4 pm—Outhern Acific

            5:30 pm—Mahattma Boom-Boom

            7 pm—Sean Meehan & Ben Manley