Glasslands Gallery

289 Kent Avenue

This venue moved into the building formerly inhabited by Glasshouse Gallery in Spring 2007 and, along with Death by Audio, was forced to close in 2014 to make room for VIBE Magazine.

2008.10.14 – Hallux with Chairmanrace; Mushroom Cloud; DJ Jacob

Event Poster

2010.04.28 –    Father Figures: Adam Schatz, Jas Walton, Ian Chang, Spencer Zahn, Ross Edwards; Great Architect: Brent Bagwell, Casey Malone, Tyler Baum, Ben Kennedy, Andy Thewlis, Michael Houseman; Architeuthis Walks on Land: Katherine Young/Amy Cimini; Hungry Cowboy: Jacob Wick, Briggan Krauss, Jonathan Goldberger, Mike Pride

2012.07.31 –     Jonah Parzen-Johnson

2014.07.26 –    Takuya Kuroda’s Rising Son