Free103point9 – 2004 Concert Listings

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2004.03.18 – Aaron Halley, Lauren Luloff, Zeke Healey, Kevin Shea

2004.10.30 – Maria Chavez; Chris Forsyth, Jaime Fennelly, Shawn Hansen

2004.09.03 – 9 pm, $5

Daniel Carter, Matt Lavelle, Ryan Smith, Shannon Fields “This currently nameless purely improvised electroacoustic chamber quartet deploys woodwinds, brass, electronics, guitar/preparations, and live instrumental processing in equal measure. While the ensemble boasts credentials across the spectrum of free jazz, microtonal improv, noise, rock, and folk, this music attempts to promote a subtle resistance to the fashions and reified logics associated with each. Suggesting new terrain for everyone involved, the group’s investigations tend toward the slow, quiet, reverential, explicitly embracing tonality and traditional or sacred harmonies, and are often unabashedly (though not simply) romantic. In an attempt to reconcile electronics and jazz in a music where one is not subverted to the logic of the other, this group isolates and elevates texture/timbre above ambience and beyond abstraction until the smallest marks form a sort of devotional counterpoint.” Shannon Fields, “is a Brooklyn-based composer, electronic musician, multi-instrumentalist, sound-artist and creative producer. He is also the guitarist for ‘The Silent League’ (ex-Mercury Rev), and participates in live electronic, noise, improv and installation events around NYC. Shannon has recently performed, recorded or collaborated with Gold Sparkle Band, Daniel Carter, Matt Lavelle, Matthew Shipp, Randy Petersen, and Fulbright composer, Ryan Ingebritsen. He is the resident sound-art editor for Michigan literary and arts journal, DIAGRAM, where he curates an ongoing series of text/language-oriented sound works.”

Stars Like Fleas “Stars Like Fleas have been combining acoustic music, electronica, minimalism, free jazz, and all sorts of senseless romantic abstractions for going on about 6 years now. Their recent Praemedia release, ‘sun lights down on the fence,’ included cameos by members/ex-members of OutHud, Other Dimensions in Music, TEST, No Neck Blues Band, Papa M, Gold Sparkle Band, Little Huey Orchestra, At The Drive-In, Fiery Furnaces, etc, and received high praise from (among others) Simon Reynolds, Dream Magazine, Pitchfork, NY Arts, Hrvatski, Stylus, and Splendid as among the best records of 2003. Stars Like Fleas rarely performs. Tonight they do. Montgomery and Shannon will be joined by a host of guests including probably every other performer on tonight’s bill. Montgomery Knott: Ubiquitous singer and video artist, Montgomery Knott, is an Austin, Texas music veteran who has worked for many years with Stars Of The Lid, etc. He is founder and curator of the Monkeytown space in Williamsburg, which presents evenings of simultaneous culinary, video, live sound and art installations.”

Radio 4×4; Aaron S. Davidson, Melissa Dubbin, Matt Mikas, Tom Roe; DJ Matt Mikas

2004.11.21 – 8 pm, $5; Daniel Carter & Matt Mikas; Sc.all & Violet; Justin Lincoln; Radio Ruido

2004.12.03 – 8 pm, $5; The George Steeltoe Ensemble: Jay Dunbar (b), Lathan Hardy (sx), Trevor Healey (science lab), Brian Osborne (pr); Matt Wascovich Ensemble: members of Jackie-O
Motherfucker; The Third Corner: Harry Rosenblum (ts), Craig Colorusso (as), Matt Welch (as); Hellsbells: Nick Forte (elc, g); Greg Peterson (g, pr), Duane Petre (g, cpu); Casey Block (elc, g); The Beatles: Lucas Crane (tps), Matt Mottel (sy), Chris Murphy (cl, el); DJ Jazzy Mike Burke.