Free103point9 – 2003 Concert Listings

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2003.02.07 – Music Now! Festival, 8 pm, $5: Jeff Arnal, Seth Misterka, Chris Dahlgren; Francois Grillot, Hayes Greenfield; Matt Lavelle, Ras Moshe, Todd Capp; Music Now! Expanded Unit: Sabir Mateen, Daniel Carter, Ras Moshe, Matt Lavelle, Jackson Krall, Steve Swell

2003.04.25 – Music Now! Festival: Free Jazz War Protest, 8 pm, $5

8 pm—Oscar Noriega with Tom Rainey, Trevor Dunn

9 pm—Matt Lavelle and Daniel Carter with Francois Grillot, Federico Ughi (featuring compositions by Daniel Carter)

10 pm—Stephen Gauci Trio with Todd Capp, Francois Grillot

11 pm—Ras Moshe’s Ionization with Reut Regev, Esther Noh, Matt Mottel, Kevin Shea

12 am—Sabir Mateen’s Shades, Textures and Sounds Ensemble with Steve Swell, Matt Lavelle, Matt Heyner, Ravish Momin

2003.05.08 – 8 pm, $5; Gold Sparkle Trio: Andrew Barker, Charles Waters, Jesse Gold (dnc); Triage: Dave Rempis, Jason Ajemian, Tim Daisy; Double Trio: Andrew Barker, Charles Waters, Jesse Gold, Dave Rempis, Jason Ajemian, Tim Daisy

2003.05.29 – 8 pm, $5; 50% Beam Splitter: Chris Pottinger, Will S.; Kites; Ground Monkeys; Horseyeless with special guest Tamio Shiraishi; DJ Dizzy

2003.06.01 – 8 pm, $5; Astral Blessing; Magick Markers; Matt Valentine and Erika Elder Medicine Show; Mark Dwinell; DJ Tom Roe

2003.07.17 – 8 pm, $5

Gold Sparkle Trio: Formed in Atlanta and now based in Brooklyn, the Gold Sparkle Band plays what they call “NuZion Jazz.” “The Gold Sparkle Band seems to reference the work of Ornette Coleman and Eric Dolphy almost religiously, shirking the weight of “outness” embraced by Coleman only a few years after his most tuneful phase and heralded by Germans, Brits, and Sun Ra.”–Ink 19; Big Numbers; DJ Matt Mikas

Big Numbers: Big Numbers is from New York and, recently, Providence. Ryan Sawyer is the drummer, Jefferson Rabb plays bass, Alex Holden plays guitar, as does vocalist Nat Rabb. The group began in 1999 with previous drummer Jeffrey Ledbetter. Their newest recording, done with crack studio whiz Aaron Mullan, was released in a limited capacity for their European tour in May, 2003.

DJ Dizzy

2003.09.06 – 8 pm, $5-$10

8 pm—Negative Dialectics: Diego Manuschevich, Steve Gauci, Plamen Jetchev, Claudio Brook, Todd Cap, Antoine Henry

9 pm—Chris Kelsey, Francois Grillot, Jay Rosen

10 pm—Matt Lavelle Ensemble with Daniel Carter, Ras Moshe, Steve Swell, Francois Grillot, David Gould

11 pm—Reut Regev, Igal Foni, Adam Lane

12 am—Music Now! Sound World: Ras Moshe, Paul Flaherty, Daniel Carter, Steve Swell, Tor Snyder, Matt Heyner, Chris Corsano

2003.09.13 – 9 pm, $5; Vibracathedral Orchestra; Sunroof; Sapat: Pete Shackamaxon; the SB: Mark Bajuk, Adam Burr, Tony Fasce, Silvia Feriozzi, Eric Maurer, Brent Peich, Jessie Plotnick, Russ Waterhouse, Jamie Williams; DJ Brian Turner; DJ Tony Rettman

2003.10.24 – Unstable Ensemble; David Daniell & James Elliot; Okkyung Lee

2003.11.08 – Free103point9 “Radio Plays” Benefit: Vamolah “batacuda band w/members of Antibalas”; The Sabers (RR); Foil “films + music”; 31 Down “radio ‘scream test’”; Gold Sparkle Band; The Dust Dive; The Comb presents Potato; B Owen, Radio Ruido, Tom Roe, DJ Matt Mikas (on 4 transmitters); Matt Bua (entrance room installation)

2003.12.02 – 8 pm; Sabir Mateen’s Shapes Textures & Sounds: Sabir Mateen (rds, fl); Ras Moshe (rds, fl), Matt Lavelle (t, flh, bcl), Steve Swell (tr), Matt Heyner (b), Ravish Momin (d), David Gould (d), Kyoto Kitamura (v); Seth Misterka, Ken Filiano, Jeff Arnal; Harry Rosenblum Solo

2003.12.19 – Music Now! Festival, 8 pm, $5

8 pm—Chris Forbes & Matt Heyner

9 pm—Ras Moshe’s Music Now! Unit: Ras Moshe, Matt Mottel, David Gould, Todd Capp

10 pm—Saturn Return Duo: Matt Lavelle, Matt Heyner

11 pm—Anders Nilsson & Tom Bruno

12 am—Ras Moshe’s Music Now! Unit Plus: Ras Moshe, Matt Lavelle, Tor Yochai Snyder,

Todd Nicholson, Matt Heyner, Jackson Krall with Sabir Mateen, Daniel Carter