Free103point9 – 2002 Concert Listings

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2002.03.09 – Free103point9 5th Anniversary Benefit, 8 pm, $5

Unomono: Barry London from the Knoxville Girls improvises on his Game Boys

Poor Cousin: Jeremy Wilms (g), Tim Foljahn (b), Ryan Sawyer (d)

Andrew Barker (d) and Louie Belogenis (sax)


Japanther/The Early Humans: a split set, the two bands respond to one another

Tom Roe: samples, loops, turntables, effects

2002.03.29 – 9 pm, $5

The Fall in Love “beautiful fractured pop”

Anti: Clockwise “Robert Dennis’ alternately pretty/disturbing ‘uglient’ sound-collages


Naturaliste “killer tones from Omaha”

The SB “psych/dub/drone collective, red eyes”

Matt Moses

Tony Rettman

Tom Roe “samples, loops, and irritating beats”

2002.04.11 – Part of the Free Biennial, 8 pm, free

Matt Lavelle Solo “solo birthday gig”

Electro-Collective: Charles Waters, Andrew Barker, Ryan Ingebritsen

Big Numbers


DJ Dizzy

2002.04.23 – 8 pm. Coptic Light; Cowboys & Indians; Service Anxiety; The Vultures; DJ Diego

2002.05.09 – 8 pm, $5

Tatsuya Nakatani, Vic Rawlings, Mike Bullock

Vic Rawlings, Mike Bullock

2002.06.13 – “Six Organs of Admittance”, 8 pm $5

Matt Valentine & Erika Elder Medicine Show “Following their lunar romp of free blues from Gravity’s rainbow a few weeks back Matt Valentine and Erika Elder return, possibly with kindred pilots, to perform a totally different program with ragas and hollers of love over loisaida triangulated by vega and their microtonal moon.”

2002.10.04 – 9 pm, $5

Saturnalia Duo: Daniel Carter, Jonathan LaMaster

Mark Dwinell Solo

Mark Dwinell, Jonathan LaMaster

DJ Matt Mikas

Gold Sparkle Band

2002.11.02 – 50 Miles of Elbow Room Release Show, 3:30 pm, broadcast

Jeremy Barnes: A Hawk and a Hacksaw

Organic Trio: William Parker, Cooper-Moore, Daniel Carter

2002.11.15 – 9 pm, $5

Irritating Horseeye: Matt Bua, David McClelland + George Cremaschi

Tatsuya Nakatani & Claire E. Barratt: improvised drumming & movement

Tim Olive & Jeffrey Allport

Matt Mikas & Tom Roe

Seasonal Affect

2002.11.29 – 9 pm, $5

Matt Valentine & Erika Elder Medicine Show: Selenotropic Rural Telegnosis Coming Down Off

the Mountain of Cocola Love

Samara Lubelski