Firehouse Space – 2012 Concert Listings

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2012.01.28 – Hot & Cold: Anders Nilsson/Aaron Dugan

2012.01.29 – Stephen Gauci Quintet with Kirk Knuffke, Art Bailey, Michael Bisio, Jeremy Carlstedt

2012.02.05 –    Diana Wayburn Ensemble with Justin Wood, Nathan Bontrager, Ryan Kotler, Michael Paolucci; Jesse Stacken Trio with Eivind Opsvik, Jeff Davis

2012.02.12 –    Little Worlds: Ryan Mackstaller, Rick Parker, Tim Kuhl; Geoff Countryman’s The Buffalo Band with Chris Bonner, Sean Fitzpatrick, Joe Ancowitz, Spencer Cohen

Recording: video

2012.02.17 – Cecile Broche, Kenny Wessel, Joe Fonda, Lou Grassi

2012.02.18 – Kenny Wessel Quartet with Lisa Parrott, Matt Pavolka, Russ Meissner

2012.02.19 – Cargo Cult: Tomas Ulrich, Rolf Sturm, Michael Bisio

2012.02.24 –    Ken Filiano’s Quantum Entanglements with Michael Attias, Ingrid Laubrock, Michael TA Thompson and guest Kenny Wessel

2012.02.25 – The Nu Band: Roy Campbell Jr., Mark Whitecage, Joe Fonda, Lou Grassi

2012.02.26 –    Speaking Tube: Pascal Niggenkemper, Elie Sorbsel, Frantz Loriot; Minerva: JP Schlegelmilch, Pascal Niggenkemper, Carlo Costa; Connie Crothers/David Arner

2012.03.02 –    Big Five Chord: Jon Lundbom, Jon Irabagon, Bryan Murray, Moppa Elliott, Danny Fischer; Peter Knoll Trio with Mark Peterson, Andy O’Neill

2012.03.03 –    Denver General: Kirk Knuffke, Jonathan Goldberger, Jeff Davis; David Schnug Quartet with Daniel Carter, Will McEvoy, Max Goldman

2012.03.04 – Alt.Timers: Denman Maroney, Ratzo Harris, Bob Myers

2012.03.09 – Louie Belogenis, Roberta Piket, Billy Mintz

2012.03.10 – Satoshi Takeishi/Shoko Nagai; BasseyJane: Jane Grenier B/Albey Balgochian

2012.03.11 – Cleve Pozar solo

2012.03.16 – Russ Lossing, Satoshi Takeishi, Cécile Broché

2012.03.17 – Will Connell Quartet with Vincent Chancey, Max Johnson, Jeremy Carlstedt

2012.03.18 – Art Bailey Trio with Michael Bates, Owen Howard; Gargi Shinde/Lewis Porter

Recording: video

2012.03.24Yoni Kretzmer Two-Bass Quartet with Sean Conly, Pascal Niggenkemper, Mike Pride

2012.03.25 – Honey Ear Trio: Erik Lawrence, Rene Hart, Allison Miller

2012.03.31 – Gilad Barkan Band with Jennifer Vincent Benitez, Karina Colis

Recording: video

2012.04.01 –    MELD Quartet: Ingrid Laubrock, Kris Davis, Lisa Mezzacappa, Harris Eisenstadt; Adam Lane-Lisa Mezzacappa Duo; Adam Lane Sextet with David Bindman, Matt Bauder, Reut Regev, Igal Foni

2012.04.05 – Michael Attias, Brahim Fribgane, Mat Maneri, Satoshi Takeishi

2012.04.06 – The Trio That Never Was: Scott Robinson, Joe Fonda, Lou Grassi

2012.04.07 – Stephen Gauci, Art Bailey, Mike Bisio, Whit Dickey

2012.04.12 – Michael Attias, Ricardo Gallo, Sean Conly, Jeff Davis

2012.04.13 – Mikko Innanen, Joe Fonda, Lou Grassi

2012.04.14 – Michael Blake, Nate Radley, Arthur Kell, Mark Ferber

2012.04.15 – Background Noise: Matt DiGiovanna, Adam Kromelow, Jason Burger

2012.04.19 – Mariel Berger, Nathaniel Morgan, Adam Hopkins, Owen Stewart-Robertson

2012.04.20 – Rema Hasumi Trio with Darius Jones, Tyshawn Sorey; Todd Neufeld/Tyshawn Sorey

Recording: video

2012.04.21 – Zach Layton solo and with Bradford Reed

2012.04.22 –    Matt Lavelle and the 12 Houses with Laura Ortman, Ryan Sawyer, Chris Forbes, Francois Grillot, Claire de Brunner, Ras Moshe, Charles Waters, Jon Natchez, Mary Cherney, Anders Nilsson, Powan Benjamin, Tim Stocker, Catherine Sikora, Telaina Odom

2012.04.26 – Shoko Nagai

2012.04.27 – Louie Belogenis/Russ Lossing

2012.04.28 – Justin Wood, Dan Loomis and Friends

2012.05.03 – Pascal Niggenkemper Trio with Simon Nabatov, Satoshi Takeishi

2012.05.05 – Joel Harrison with John Escreet, Kermit Driscoll, Ben Wittman

2012.05.10 –    Nu Directions Chamber Brass: Thomas Madeja, Dawn Webster, Barry McCommon, Larry Toft, Gabe Gloubus-Hoenich, Mason Ingram

2012.05.13 –    The Restrictor: Angela Chambers, Adam Dym, Damien Olsen, Kevin Rozza, Anthony Delio

2012.05.17 – Daryl Shawn

2012.05.20 – Marilyn Lerner, Ken Filiano, Lou Grassi

2012.05.24 – Curtis Hasselbring

2012.05.31 –    Stuart Popejoy’s Single Payer with Steve Swell, Avram Fefer, Sarah Bernstein, Kenny Wollesen

Recording: video

2012.06.03 – The Flail: Brian Marsella, Reid Taylor, Dan Blankinship, Stephan Moutot, Matt Zebroski

2012.06.07 –    JC Sanford Triocracy with Andy Laster, Chris Bacas; JC Sanford 4 with Mike Baggetta, Dave Ambrosio, Russ Meissner

2012.06.09 –    Derek Beckvold Quartet with Anthony Coleman, Henry Fraser, Jason Nazary; Kristen Slipp/Dov Manski; Butch Morris Workshop

2012.06.10 – Avram Fefer with Reut Regev, Adam Lane, Igal Foni

2012.06.16 – Butch Morris Workshop

2012.06.17 – Cacaw: Landon Knoblock, Oscar Noriega, Jeff Davis

2012.09.21 – Geoff Countryman and The Buffalo Band with Chris Bonner, Sean Fitzpatrick, Joe Ancowitz, Spencer Cohen, Tyler McDiarmid

2012.09.22 – Alon and Words Beyond Trio with Francois Moutin, Dan Weiss and guest Donny McCaslin

2012.09.23 – Daryl Shawn

2012.09.28 – Sarah Plum

2012.09.29Federico Ughi’s Songs for Four Cities with Darius Jones, Eri Yamamoto, Ed Schuller

2012.09.30 – Cargo Cult: Tomas Ulrich, Rolf Sturm, Michael Bisio

2012.10.05 –    Greg Snyder Trio with Jason Fraticelli, Justin Leigh; John Yao Quintet with Jon Irabagon, Randy Ingram, Leon Boykins, Will Clark

2012.10.07 – Ayman Fanous/Tomas Ulrich Duo

Recording: video

2012.10.12 –    Dollshot: Rosalie Kaplan, Noah Kaplan, Wes Matthews, Giacomo Merega; Rat Lunch: Marco Cappelli, Giacomo Merega, Noah Kaplan

2012.10.13 – Dave Ballou, Jason Robinson, James Ilgenfritz, George Schuller

2012.10.14 – Anders Nilsson solo and with Michael Evans, Dave Nuss

2012.10.19 – Paul Roth

2012.10.21 – Andrea Veneziani/Josiah Boornazian Quartet with Jacob Sacks

2012.10.26 – Josh Henderson

2012.10.27 – Douglas Dietrich’s Cartography Trio with Karen Waltuch, Sara Schoenbeck, Jonathan Goldberger

2012.11.01 – Cécile Broché; Simone Weißenfels and Friends

2012.11.02 – Lars Graugaard and the NYU Improvisers’ Ensemble with Robert Dick, Chris Jordan, Katherine Liberovskaya

2012.11.04 – William Hooker Quartet with Matt Lavelle, Larry Roland, Mark Hennen

2012.11.08 – Joe Hertenstein’s Future Drone with Jon Irabagon, Ken Filiano and special guest Anthony Coleman

Recording: video

2012.11.09 – Fred Van Hove solo and duo with Lou Grassi


“Pianist Fred Van Hove and drummer Lou Grassi have played in a trio with trombonist Gunter Heinz for close to a decade, but a couple of New York dates during Van Hove’s recent tour of the States afforded them their first opportunity to perform as a duo. And by their second engagement, Nov. 9th at The Firehouse Space in Williamsburg, they were a pair of old hands. The first improvisation started as a serene meditation and grew in dynamic, ending up as a percussive duet, so it made perfect sense when Grassi started the second piece with small statements on muted cymbals and bells before Van Hove joined from inside the piano case. As Grassi switched to mallets and cymbal rolls, Van Hove held the sustain pedal firm and made the baby grand resonate like a rack of gongs. The pianist moved back toward melody, the music grew full and lush and Grassi adopted a steady clip with the mallets. It was a thoughtful 20-minute expedition that ended on instinct, not resolving because there was nothing that needed to be resolved. Having established terrain, they began the second set with an easy ballad, growing bold but never forceful, uptempo but unhurried. At length they were positioned for a sound experiment. Capitalizing on repetition with small variations, Van Hove worked the strings with a rubber ball while Grassi did exemplary work with brush and cymbals. They ended the evening with another improvised ballad, but it was in the outré piece that they found the strongest narrative arc.” — Kurt Gottschalk, New York City Jazz Record, December 2012

2012.11.10 –    Karen Bentley Pollick

2012.11.15 –    Stephanie Chou; Lisa Dowling

2012.11.16 –    Weekly Reeders: Carlos Cuevas, Elizabeth Tomboulian, Christine Bard, Cliff Schmidt, Lee Tomboulian

2012.11.17 –    Ken Butler

2012.11.29 –    Alt Timers: Denman Maroney, Ratzo Harris, Bob Myers

2012.11.30 –    Electroacoustic Trio: Ben Gerstein, Mike Pride, Gian Luigi Diana, with live painting projections by Kellie O’Dempsey

Recording: video

2012.12.01 –    Collide-O-Scope Music: Augustus Arnone, Lou Bunk, Conrad Harris, Pauline Kim

2012.12.06 –    Marco Cappelli/Adam Rudolph

2012.12.07 –    Michael McNeill, Phil Haynes, Drew Gress

2012.12.09 –    Translucent Explorations: Lena Bloch, Dan Tepfer, Dave Miller, Billy Mintz

2012.12.13 –    Eli Keszler/Ashley Paul

2012.12.14 –    Max Johnson’s Grayscale with Angelica Sanchez, Kenny Wollesen

2012.12.15 –    Michael Bisio/Ken Filiano

2012.12.16 –    Minerva: Carlo Costa, Pascal Niggenkemper, JP Schlegelmilch; Steve Swell Band with Rob Brown, Chris Forbes, Hill Greene, Michael TA Thompson

2012.12.20 –    Joe Fiedler’s Big Sackbut with Josh Roseman, Luis Bonilla, Marcus Rojas