61 Local – 2014 Concert Listings

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2014.02.01 – BassDrumBone: Ray Anderson, Mark Helias, Gerry Hemingway

2014.02.02 – Thomas Buckner solo

2014.02.23 – Tom Blancarte solo

2014.03.02 – Brandon Seabrook solo

Review: “Poised on the opposite side of the floor from his amp as if they were staring each other down, Brandon Seabrook launched abruptly into noisy, distorted runs in a fast and furious solo set at 61 Local’s “Snugs” series (Mar. 2nd), only occasionally giving three or four seconds of attention to particular groupings. Within the fast runs – sometimes a single note repeated ten or more times per second – an occasional, solitary chord, struck and quickly muted, could seem to give up a blues or metal or prog derivation. It rarely felt as if a thought was completed throughout the first of three pieces; a bassline walked in and out of dissonance coupled with a quick, country lick. The playing may have seemed static, but it was loaded with information, enough so that the first real altering of course (less than 10 minutes in) seemed to fall at least at the 20-minute mark just for the sensory overload. He began the second piece by putting a handheld cassette player emitting bits of noise up to the guitar’s pickup then, through considerable delay and distortion, creating patterns to which he could then respond. He took to arco and pedal manipulation for a comparatively softer improvisation, broken by short, delay-driven attacks. By the third piece he was speaking in sentences, employing bits of fingerpicking and pronounced chordal structures repeated to maintain a midtempo momentum. Or moderately more midtempo anyway. In 30 flying minutes he played more than many guitarists do in an hour.”

–Kurt Gottschalk, New York City Jazz Record, April 2014

2014.03.29 – Peter Evans/Sam Pluta; Nmperign: Bhob Rainey/Greg Kelley

2014.04.06 – Jim Hobbs solo; Joe Morris solo

2014.04.27 – Daro Behroozi solo

2014.05.04 – Robert Dick solo

2014.06.01 – Ned Rothenberg solo

2014.09.11 Matana Roberts’ Coin Coin

2014.09.16 – Evan Parker, Nate Wooley, Joe Morris

2014.09.22 – The Marks Brothers: Mark Dresser/Mark Helias

2014.09.28 – Stephen Haynes, JD Parran, William Parker

2014.10.05 – Andrew White III solo

2014.11.02 – Solos and Duos: Weasel Walter and Jim Hobbs

2014.11.16 – Matt Nelson solo; Brandon Seabrook/Brandon Lopez

2014.11.30 – Susie Ibarra-William Parker Duo

2014.12.07 Ingrid Laubrock-Tom Rainey Duo; Oscar Noriega solo