300 Meserole

300 Meserole Street
East Williamsburg

The Brooklyn Free Music Festival held a three-day, multi-room event here that became something of legend. Organized by Jake Klotz featuring over 100 artists on a Brooklyn rooftop and a giant loft space, with free admission all weekend. Free103point9 microcast all performances.


7pm-2am 2nd floor Humansacrifice presents Dave Reboi, The Fisherman, The Convolutionists, Sommatikk, David Simons, Bat Eats Plastic, Jaime Fennelly, Miguel Gutierrez, Sabotage, DJ Nino One Hosted By Fuck Face Fenomena

9pm-4am Rooftop Rubulad presents: Fly Ashtray, Les Sans Coulottes, Art Tanker Convoy, Mlle Daniell, Chin Chin DJ’s: The Twisted Ones, Pataphisto, $mall Change also featuring: The Mighty Robot Visual Squad, Archival Genitalia Booth and Much Much More


4pm-9pm 2nd Floor Dustin Presents: The Mantis, 3001, T.K. Webb, Negatones, Gene Dreamy and Gary Sincere

9pm-4am 2nd Floor Sandy Gordon Presents: The Creme Blush, The Hong Kong, Homeboy from Mask, The Closest Case, The Loose Leaves, The Witnesses DJs Brand and Courtney Shanks, Miggy, Greg Anderson (Shrine Records)

4pm-2am Rooftop Andrew Barker Presents Irritating Horseeye with Tamio Shiraishi, Sightings, Big Numbers, Pransamble, Poolside Cowboys, The No Neck Blues Band, Gold Sparkle Duo with Thurston Moore. DJs: Dizzy and Matt Mikas


6pm-9pm 2nd floor Juliana Nash Presents: The Tangibles, National Stranger, Matty Charles and the Valentines

9pm-12am 2nd floor Bobby Phillips Presents: Oakley Hall, Tandy, Naysayer, Ford Wright and International Fiction DJs Fud and Buddy Roe Higgins

12am-2am 2nd floor Larhumba Presents: FESTIVAL CLOSEOUT!!

4pm-2am Rooftop Chris Chung Presents: (all from Detroit) Tadd Mullinix, Magda, Scott Zacharias, Maersk Aaron Cantor Presents: Teeth, Reaganomics, Steve MacDonald (S.F.), Dante Carfagna (Chic), Black Pearl (Chic), Ronnie Defried (Chic), Force (Chic)