Solidarity with New York Musicians [Updated Post]

At Jazz Right Now, we have been positively overwhelmed by the response to our recent post about challenges faced by members of the musicians’ community. The post went viral on social media and drew many vocal supporters. In consultation with the musicians involved, we have elected to remove the post to avoid any possible backlash or negative press for them. The artists involved should be known for their brilliant music first and foremost, rather than as the center of any kind of controversy.

Having witnessed such a strong and united response, however, has made us consider the importance of solidarity within the community and between organizations like Jazz Right Now and other publications, institutions, and associations that may positively impact the lives of musicians in New York. The Jazz Right Now editorial team welcomes any op-ed pieces that may further any aspect of these conversations, whether to identify challenges or injustices faced by the community, or to organize or formulate solutions to these problems. Journalism once facilitated these kinds of public dialogues more commonly. There is no reason we cannot do this now.

Cisco Bradley, Editor


  1. I will post this story on my”jazz it up” e-blast which goes out over 200 musicians and patrons and my
    Facebook groups, which contain the
    Majority of new york scene musicians. The Triad WILL make this right….

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