Review: Florian Herzog, David Leon, and Stephen Boegehold Live at Bushwick Public House, May 7, 2018

The fast burning trio of Florian Herzog (bass), David Leon (alto sax), and Stephen Boegehold (drums) played an impressive set as part of the Bushwick Improvisers Collective series at Bushwick Public House, Monday, May 7. At the center of the trio was a lot of rhythmic brilliance, keeping it off-kilter or multi-faceted throughout the extended improvisation. Even the alto played a role in the rhythmic complexity, bristling with kinetic force all through the set. But as much as this band could burn, they contrasted the fire with transitions to small sounds with one particularly gripping moment with sustained high tones on bass, low rumble on drums, and small squeaks or airy thrusts from alto. Building from the periphery of sound, this sonic stew gradually reached a boil as intensity grew. After spilling over in ecstasy, the trio transitioned into a shimmering group sound before Leon emerged bellowing over turbulent drums and bedrock bass drones. At another key moment, Leon played through just the mouthpiece (later adding the neck), making all manner of bird-like and gutteral animalistic sounds. At different times, each player led the way. Eventually, after more dramatics on alto, the trio ended with an ethereal fade.

Bushwick Improvisers Collective series occurs every Monday night at Bushwick Public House, beginning at 6 pm, and usually consisting of five sets that conclude by midnight.

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