Best Records of 2016

  1. Moor Mother – Fetish Bones (Don Giovanni) review | interview
  2. Anthony Braxton – 3 Compositions (EEMHM) 2011 (Firehouse 12)
  3. Ches Smith-Craig Taborn-Mat Maneri – Bells (ECM)
  4. Taylor Ho Bynum – Enter the PlusTet (Firehouse 12)
  5. Anais Maviel – Houle (Gold Bolus) review
  6. Tom Rainey Trio – Hotel Grief (Intakt) interview
  7. Rafal Mazur-Keir Neuringer Duo – Diachronic Paths (Relative Pitch) review
  8. Ava Mendoza’s Unnatural Ways – We Aliens (Tzadik)
  9. Tyshawn Sorey Double Trio – Inner Spectrum of Variables (Pi) review
  10. Mary Halvorson Octet – Away with You (Firehouse 12)
  11. Jungle: Mat Walerian, Matthew Shipp, Hamid Drake – Live at Okuden (ESP-Disk’) review
  12. Michael Formanek’s Ensemble Kolossus – The Distance (ECM)
  13. The Out Louds – self-titled (Relative Pitch) review
  14. Weasel Walter Large Ensemble – Igneity: After the Fall of Civilization (self-released) review
  15. Frantz Loriot’s Systematic Distortion Orchestra – The Assembly (Out Now) review
  16. Michael Foster’s The Ghost – There’s a First Time for Everything (self-released)
  17. Peter Kuhn Trio – The Other Side (No Business) review
  18. Anna Webber Simple Trio – Binary (Skirl)
  19. Flin van Hemmen – Drums of Days (Neither/Nor) review
  20. Dre Hocevar – Collective Effervescence (Clean Feed)

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